Thursday, June 09, 2005

More As

Again all the news of how many A all these smart student is getting and why some got 13As still cannot get into the University to study the Medical course...I think this world is going crazy. All the student wanted more As and more As and endless As. Look at my poor daughter now, only 4 years old, have to learn to write A B C..1 2 3...still remember last time, at that kind of age, what we did is running around, going to this friends house that friends house. Still remember how I learn how to cook maggi mee. It is really a sweet momories. After school, thru the school bag aside and the first thing to do is to get my "gun" (self make bird killing machine) go to the small forest behind the house, start hunting the bird. I can't even find these forest anymore now, it has been cleared and give way to the housing development. What a sad thing to see that. Still remember the small river that I use to go there to catch the fish. The water is cryter clear. It is very sad to see that all the kids now, if not the book then it is the tv or the computer. There is hardly anything natural stuff in their childhood, no more bird catching, fishing. Still remember last time the the 1119 English teacher (in Alor Star) told his kids that he used to catch the fighting fish with his bare hand and his kids did not believe it. That was about 15 years ago. The children don't even know how to catch the fighting fish with their own hand. What would happen to the next generation? Will it be like the latest Star War movie, basically their childhood will be creating and inventing robots? How far are we to the dream of Lucas Star War world?

last day

Finally it is the last day in this project and it is end of the two hours per day of travelling to work from Cheras to Klang Bukit Raja..I think working in Klang Valley really waste alot of time stucking in the car.