Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wonderful Driver

Finally today is my last day need to travel to this office - Shell House - to work. Thanks goodness. Have been horriblely stuck in the crazy traffice jam every morning and afternoon. To work in KL is such a pain in the ash and wasting alot of times.

One of these, when coming out from Phoenix Plaza and make the turning into the Taman Connaught highway, there is this van,which is obviously potong queue, and of I hate this kind of driver and difinitely will not allow him to cut in fron on me. Then what!, he give me a buzz. Actually before make that, I think I glanace at the van once, it look like a Penjara or some official such as police or etc. Can you imagine that, if he wanted to go fast because have urgent case, then put la the siren, and everybody will give way. This, potong queue, already known the law and still want be to outlaw. What a first world infrastructure and third world mentality.

But anyway, I am free of this crap, at least for this year, because will be working overseas, which I, at least don't need t drive, there will be a driver to fetch me to work..hehee