Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mas Office Directory

Here is the information for MAS Airline Office Directory.

MAS Office Directory

MAS Airline Guangzhou
Shop M04-05 Garden Hotel,
368 Huanshi Dong Lu Road
510064 Guangzhou
People's Republic of China

Direct line: 86 20 833 58828/38/

Garden Hotel: 86 20 833 38989 EXT 3286

86 20 833 58868/
86 20 833 38999 EXT 226
86 20 836 52699
86 20 838 48845

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Good Singer

this is first time i see an amateur sing so well...


Watch your interview session here
Some remarks I would like to make, you can ignore me anyway, because I am not from Subang, I am from Cheras anyway.

I am particular catch by the service center issue you mentioned. Ya the computer service is a bit too much, may some education is needed to set the expectation right. But another one is the Syabas issues.
I have the same experience many years ago when I go into the service center for Tan Chai Hoe in Cheras, I was having some issue with my house purchase, where the developer refuse to pay full LAD. Then the answer I got from them, please go to the correct government department to sort this out. Of course I am going to that department, then I would have gone, and not drop by at your office and seek help. I did not say much, just walk out, of course I am not even see Tan Chai Hoe there, just some person working there. My expectation is at least they try to make some call to link me to the right department or get a name of the right department to listen to my case, I believe with their name, they will be able to get somebody from the department to listen to me as least. Later, I visit the Housing Department that time I think is Ong Ka Ting, I manage to see his Press Assistant, cannot remember his name, but I remember after a few year, this guy is the MP for Kulim, now not sure. This guy is not bad, immediately he call up the developer, and ask to talk to the person in charge and ask about my case. Of course nothing can be done, then later he ask me to talk to the lawyer, I think at that time, Ong Ka Ting set up some legal assistant prior the setting up of the Housing Tribunal. Then I talk to the lawyer, and open up and file with the department etc. Of course cannot get thing solved, until I need to hire my own lawyer to fight back and get back the full amount of LAD.

My point here is, when a street person like me visited the service center, they do expect some help. By telling them that this is not my responsibility is totally no acceptable for certain case (of course I mean the computer case is out la). My perception of service center, is there is a lot of contact number and person, where is ready available if you still don't have this, better get your self ready. By just giving a call to Syabas for example, you are really give people the impression that you are trying to help, and you can help link the person to a person (of course management person) in Syabas and can ask the person to follow up. I still believe that a call from MP is making much more strong impact then a call from a layman.

By telling the person that this is not the place and please go to that place directly will definitely sink the person heart, like my visit to Tan Chai Hoe office.

I still admire this politician, Lee Lam Thye. Whenever he receive a complaint, there is a typewriter ready in his car, even thought I never experience this kind of service before and my story here is purely based on news paper long time ago, that it create that kind of impact to me that this man is really wanted to help.

A simple gesture like helping these people write a simple letter to the concerning department, will show your concern to people in your constituent.

Just my 2 cents.