Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Window XP Fax

My Brother fax machine already 7 years, hence as usual the problem is starting to surface.

Yet to try out this one to setup the PC for fax, not use it will work for IDSN.


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School Fees

Was there during the first day and attended the briefing by the school to the parents. When come to fees, it was not as we read in the news paper. My understanding from news paper, at least, there will be no fees needed for the book etc. but when we are there, the head master said, ya, there is no fees, but a additional fee is added called something like miscl or yang lain-lain. Also we are asked to denote to the school for some kind of emergency expenses like toilet, leakage etc, the reason given is by the time waiting for the education department to disburse the fund, it is already christmas. I just wonder why there is no petty cash in the school? Interesting!

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Chinaman Mentality

Read an interesting scenario from Batu Gajah MP. It seem that this kind of scenario happen for the past 3o years at least (since I am kid) and it still happen today. It is much to do with Chinese people mentality, which always think that it is better to have less trouble then the few riggit gift. But I would say this should be the first generation Chinaman mentality like my father generation. Agree with Ric that people need to be educate on their right. I watch the HK channel, there are many short ads which educate people of their right or anything that they need to be watch out or becareful of. Such as one recently I watched, they wanted the HK sales person to improve the service quality, where when they sell their product, they should be explain more on the feature of the product. So they actually do the take 2, one with less info and another one with more info. Also they will get famous actor, Andy Lau to support the act. Have you ever seen this kind of ads in Malaysian TV? Not for me at least.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Values

Good values is very difficult to find now aday in the big city. Still remember we were taught as one of the subject in the primary school, how to be a good boy, values such as need to queue, need to give seat to old people in the bus etc.

Today when I was talking a bus in Shenzhen, China, at one of the particular stop, there are more people get into the bus. Then there is an announcement saying something like - we are a good citizen, need to practice a good value, need to give seats to the needy as such old people, preganant person and child. Play it for 2 times.

I notice this is a very good practice by the bus operator. Sometime people especially young people just need to be reminded of these good values.It also can play a phycological effect when one hear it, sometime from the inner heart one could feel not so good if there are old people start there, this might remind them to give seat.

Also notice there are some banner, not the multi million billboard,which which used by one of the young chap in LDP to make his marriage proposal, to remind people of the good values such as please drive safely etc. It is simple and cost effective.

Why can't our local council such as what DBKL, MPPJ etc, promote these good values in out streets. Intead spend the time and money for the activities as such the dog killing, instead of killing the dog, they shot the public.

The longer I stay in China, the more I realised here especially in the city area, they do have some values and practice which we need to learn from. Sometimes think hard if this is a place to settle down, if not due to the education and medical system, I think I would have settle down in this country.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY Night Carol

Finally decided to drive at night one day before CNY first day, basically it is 30th day of Chinese Calendar. There are many cars, but at least not as jam as last year when I drove at day time. Therefore about 4 hours from KL to Pendang.

At about 8pm on 30th night, there is a group of people going house to house for the CNY carol, basically singing CNY songs. I think this is a very good community work or so call Rukun Tetangga. It has been there since I was kid and now still kicking good.

If this can be copy into city like KL will be great, where people don't even get to know their neighbor. This is also a good activity for kids as most of the member are kids age 9 to 15 and lead by some adult person.

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Indelible Ink

I still remember the last election in USA, they are advancing from the manual count to electronic count where the results can be publish immediately. This is called improvement.

Here, we are moving backward, by using the oldest method, as such Indelible ink, to solve the double jeopordy issues. The most heart broken is it cost hell alot of money, and is tax payer money, just like that. How to justify this expenses?

I would have expect something more advance in technology, since we already have the most advance Passport and My-Kad. I still remember USA wanted to look into how we implement the e-Passport, this is something to be proud of.

I think the amount of money spend, once off, for the indelible ink , can be used for the R & D for something more technology savvy solution, and may be US will look into this from us again from this solution, as of election is universal issues, every country also need to have election in some way.

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