Sunday, January 20, 2008


Finally got the work list nalied down for the semi-D renovation, and confirm the contractor..this is abig release for me, because it was hanging there for sometimes already, and cannot firm up the contractor and work list. This is also generate some boot-up energy, at least I have some goal to look forward now..looking forward for the new house to be ready in 6 months times..

Monday, January 14, 2008

MSC Status

It has been 8 years in live in my current place, Taman Buikt Anggerik, Cheras, since day one we try to get the broadband, which is monopoly by TM, Streamyx, the excuse given was there is no connection point in the radius of 5km from my house, hence not possible to apply for Steamyx.

I live about 15 mins to KLCC, hence can consider in the city center, and govenrment is pushing hard for the ICT, MSC etc, but a house 15 mins drive from KLCC, waited for 8 years still cannot connect to internet speedy.

In China, which is much more later embark on internet, but the speed of development is much speedy then the Streamyx bandwidth. Only until recently Mas finally practice the ticketless system, which it has been long in China, I think Mas is force into this by local rival, the red dragon, Air Asia, which force Mas to cut cost.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008


To my suprise..I walked up and down in Law Yat, cannot find then ask them some guy there, they said may be can find it in Imbi, hence I find another one fine day, take a walk in Imbi, even bigger surprise, the plaza is almost empty..not many people..also walk up and down, finally found one at the lower level, but no more display, asked, and told just give them the name and they will burn it to you..but not cheap..need to pay for a price of RM30...

Really to my surprise that it can be so more long farewell ...Malaysia Boleh!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

National Art Gallery

Finally visited the National Art Gallery (Balai Seni) in Jalan Tun Raza, yesterday. I think the building is more impressive then the exhibition inside. I was there with my kids, thought there will be some section for kids, such as painting etc, then got to know from the girl in the reception, quite good service, the special session for kids was on time to time the one just over was end Nov, so I missed the boat. Also wanted to go to the Education workshop, or the library, also not available, the library was under relocation, hence not open up for public yet.

It was running in that raining that afternoon, not bad, so not so hot. To surprise, there was a pile on the 3rd floor, obviously, it was used to contain the drop from the roof. What a pity, a multi-million building cannot handle the tropical rain, I thought only my house have this teething problem, now I feel ease, at least my house don't cost million of ringgit.

Overall not bad, just that the exhibition is not as much as I expected.