Monday, December 24, 2007

Fish Pond

Thought of building a fish pond for my semi-d, but after some research realised that I know so little about fish pond...

How to design a fish pond reference

fish pond rebuild experience

fish pond designer"

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pop Mail

Jaring Prepaid/Postpaid
Incoming mail :
Outgoing mail :

incoming mail :
Outgoing mail :

Friday, December 14, 2007

Blog Writter

Finally found this blog writter, where I still try to figure it out how to fully utilising it's functionlity.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

On Duty

I still remmeber in the primary school, those in grade 5th and 6th, will have the chance to be the "police" (prefect), who during the recess time will be on duty in certain spots of the school compound...a simple model to have law and order.

I have seen similar concept applied in Hong Kong, where you can easily notice that there will be a policeman in pair walking on the street. Similarly in China, which I think they even more ahead in this area, they even hire some volunteer to be on duty in the certain spot which is cronwded such as at junction, train station, bus statios, MRT etc. Of course they will not carry gun instead have a button for self protection.

A simple model to keep the law and order in the streets.

Now come back to KL, if you walk on the street, I would say the most cronwded will be Bukin Bintang, it would be suprise if you can see any person in the blue color uniform walking on the street on duty. There used to have some mobile police station, but after sometimes, it got abondone, it is empty cell.

We read the news paper every day, there is here and there of rape, robbing, mat rempit, murder cases, but there is still no urge to improve the situation to have these "mata-mata" walking on the streets or in the police car, motorbike etc. Then there is excuse of not enought man power, no allocation for the resources.

Read a news a couple of weeks ago, there is a mat salleh who kena rob near amcord mall, he is suppose to stay back longer for his holidays, but here you go, the bad experience has lead to immidiate decision to leave this urgly place. Once a foreigner got this impression, very fast, the word will be spread across the borderless planet now. Soon Malaysia will be a place who one should not visit, you can even get rob badly in day time. Shame!