Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dog Food Feeder

looking for dog food auto feeder, cannot find in lelong and ebay..

found in

Call us at 019-3256289 or 016-2210007 or 603.42978281 or email us at
for more information.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holidas Inn Xian



Hotel Front Desk: 86-29-68689999

Hotel Fax: 86-29-68910123

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia

Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia

Cawangan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Tingkat 7&8, Kompleks Pertama

Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

50100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 2618 3000

Fax: 03-2697 5206/ 0870

Monday, August 02, 2010


My Tsurumi pump broken, call them up, it might due to the coil overheated..need to fix, but the cost will be about RM 400..not really worth, the pump only RM 600+..


(A JV Company with Tsurumi)

No. 11, Jalan PJU 3/49, Sunway Damansara,

47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia

Tel : 03-7803 3373

Fax : 03-7806 3748

Email :


each transaction is charge RM2.for myeg...not bad, good business

from dbkl website, there are 3 services provided which we can chose to pay the bill..i think only myeg is working, the other 2 got error message as below..

this is so called e-gov..


each transaction is charge RM2.for myeg...not bad, good business

from dbkl website, there are 3 services provided which we can chose to pay the bill..i think only myeg is working, the other 2 got error message as below..

this is so called e-gov..

Youtube in Blog

With the ease of ipod which it can take some video, and easily connect to the computer and download and upload into how to put the video in the blog?

ghost month

interesting ariticle on the chinese ghost month..from here...

In year 2010, the hungry ghost month would begin on the 10th of August and end on the 7th of September. During this month the gate of hell is open so the spirit and soul are free to roam our world.

01) One should not pee on a tree because it may offend the spirits that resides there.

02) It was said that young people should not wander around too late into the night during the ghost festival for fear that spirits would follow the individual home.

03) It is bad luck to kick or disturb offering to the hungry ghost such as joss stick, candle and food offerings. All these item are mean for appeasing the spirits and ghost.

04) It is also inauspicious for couple to get married during the hungry ghost month.

05) During the month, Chinese Operas would be stage to perform and entertain the spirits and soul during the hungry ghost festival. Usually the front row of seats are reserve for the spirits so it is not advisable to seat on it especially during the first day of the festival. It is said that one may get prosess if the individuals luck is low.

06) It would be best to avoid swimming during this month as victims death by drowning may cause the individual to drown. Some has experience their leg been drag/pull into the water.

07) During this month it is not auspicious to visit a sick person in the hospital, attend an funeral, moving house and starting a new business.

08) Avoid talking about ghost during this month as it may offend wandering spirits.

09) Wearing black clothing are consider inauspicious during this time of the year too. So is red if I am not mistaken.

10) It is advisable not to have the main door of a premise open all night long. This apparently will invite negative energy into the house.

11) Leaving an umbrella open outside the house in the night is also considered a no no as spirits may take shelter under them.

12) Bringing an umbrella into the house after it was used in the night is also not advisable. It is said that one may bring/carry in spirits to the house.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thomas Save Stepney by Joshua Sao

With the ease of ipod which it can take some video, and easily connect to the computer and download and upload into how to put the video in the blog?

basically go to youtube and click shared to blogger, it will automatically paste the video in the blooger page..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Civil Law and Criminal Law

try to find out the difference between Civil and Criminal..


Civil Law
determines private rights and liabilities, whereas
Criminal Law
concerns offenses against the authority of the state.

is simply another term for a lawsuit, which is a dispute between two or more parties regarding civil or criminal law issues. Civil law involves disputes between private parties and defines legal rights and obligations between them. Civil litigation is the process of resolving private disputes through the court system. Unless the parties privately resolve their dispute, the litigation usually results in a trial, or hearing, where the parties present their evidence to a judge or jury. The judge or jury then decides the dispute.

Not all cases that involve litigation are considered civil litigation. Our court system is designed to handle both civil and criminal cases. Criminal law defines conduct prohibited by legislative bodies, which also presccribes the punishments for violations.

is the party that has allegedly suffered some legal wrong at the hands of the
, the party responsible for infringing upon theplaintiff's rights. The plaintiff files a lawsuit against the defendant, using the courts as the forum to argue that the defendant should be held responsible for the plaintiff's injuries and should compensate theplaintiff for its losses.

Criminal lawsuits differ from their civil counterparts in that criminal prosecutions are intended to convict and punish the criminal offender, whereas civil lawsuits are designed to settle disputes between private parties. In criminal actions, the convicteddefendant may be punished by imprisonment, or fined by the government. In civil suits, however, thedefendant who losses judgment to the plaintiff, must compensate the plaintiff directly.

Civil litigation, which deals with private disputes between parties, is subject to the rules of civil litigation, sometimes referred to as
civil procedure
. Criminal cases, which deal with acts that are offenses against society as a whole, such as murder and robbery, as subject to the rules for criminal law, which are also known as the rules of
criminal procedure

Sometimes the same act results in both a civil and a criminal action. For example, suppose that Ann Smith drives her car while under the influence of alcohol. As a result, she crushes into another vehicle and injures the driver of that car, John Watson. Ann Smith would be arrested for the crime of drunk driving, but John Watson might also sue civilly. The civil case (Watson vs. Smith) will proceed according to the rules of civil procedure.

divorce mediator..

found out the divorce

Kuala Lumpur:


(Company No. : 463874X)

Kuala Lumpur : 11-1, Wisma Laxton, Jalan Desa, Taman Desa 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : 603-7982 4424 Fax : 603-7980 6332

Click here to view location map

some lawyer - thomasphillips- also practice family dispute sound good..

Mediation is a confidential, practical way to resolve problems with the help of an impartial third party. It is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution, where the parties communicate directly. The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties, assist them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute and generate options for settlement.

Mediation, particularly in a family disputes, provides a viable option for those who prefer to stay out of court.

The main advantages of Divorce Mediation over Litigation are:

  1. The process is much shorter and designed to fit the paties' schedules and not of the Court.

  2. Shorter time and less paperwork equallower fees.

  3. All information revealed during mediation is confidential, unlike the public nature of court proceedings.

  4. Divorce mediation focuses on protecting the children from parental conflict by helping parents put their conflict on hold, to focus for a time on their children's needs. Reducing conflict facilitates contact between the child and both parents at an early stage.

  5. Mediation empowers couples, allowing them to take control of making the choices that will affect their lives for years to come, unlike litigated divorces, where a judge decides.


Got this from email..


. 互託終身

. 合而為一

. 絕對忠誠

. 角色分明

. 無私的愛

. 彼此順服

7. 性的滿足

8. 坦誠溝通

9. 互相尊重

0. 相濡以沫

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEW CHEATING SCAM, Just read Nothing to LOSE

No harm in being cautious.

Be careful. Nothing is for free. Dont be greedy....1st principle for honesty.

New Scam Tactic, be alert !

Any cheque banked in into your account need a few days to transact. Although the amount appears in your account, but it's still pending for transaction, the person issue the cheque can cancel the

cheque at any time!

A few days ago, one of my friends received a sms with the message:

"You've strike 1st prize with a prize money of RMB200,000 cash." The sms came with a contact no. My friend ignored it since he had heard of too many bogus scams using similar tactics.

After a short while his handphone rang, a Miss Fang asked:

"Sir have you received a sms telling you that you've strike 1st prize?"

My friend answered: "Yes, I have"

Miss Fang: "Please let us have your bank account number so that we can deposit the money into your account."

My friend thought, why not, let's see what you can do. My friend has a buddy who works in that bank. Hence, he gave her his account number.

Ten minutes later, my friend's handphone started ringing again.

Miss Fang said: "Sir, we have deposited your prize money into your account, please check and verify."

My friend checked using his handphone and found that RMB200,000 was really deposited into his account. He was euphoric, just like that and he's RMB200,000 richer!

30 minutes later, Miss Fang called again.

She was crying: "I'm sorry sir, I made a mistake, I forgot to deduct the tax before I deposited the prize money, 20% of RMB 200,000 equals to RMB40,000. Now the company wants me to reimburse the money.

Can you please return the RMB40,000 tax? I beg you."

My friend thought for a while and felt pity for the lady. Thinking of the money in his bank account, he went to the bank.

Suddenly he thought of his buddy working in that bank and decided to ask his buddy to double check and confirm for him first.

Upon checking, his buddy found out that the money was deposited using a cheque of a different bank.

Even though the cheque was deposited but the actual amount of money can't be transfered into his account on the same day. If the other party decided to cancel the cheque, then he'll not get this RMB200,000.

My friend was shocked. He almost lost RMB40,000.

Before my friend left for home on that day, the cheque was actually cancelled. If not for his buddy, if not for him being a professional, or if he was cared of letting others know of striking the prize then this bogus scam

would be successful. This is a true story, please beware.

Future scams could be even better planned. Please don't forget to forward to your friends and relatives to warn them from being cheated.

The Magic of Property Investment

got email from real property

1) Why you must be ready to invest in property?

2) 10 ways to invest with as little as RM20k.

3) 10 pitfalls you must avoid to save you thousands of ringgit.

4) 10 powerful investment strategies which you can apply immediately.

5) How to leverage on property investment to help you retire 10 years earlier?

not cheap..

Hospital Veteriner Wilayah Persekutuan

They are talking about relocating the pet to australia..

Need to get the permit from Vet

Hospital Veteriner Wilayah Persekutuan

KM 4, Jalan Selar 4,

Off Jalan Cheras,

56100 Cheras, KL.

phone num: 03-9284 9716

Eat Less Rice!

got this from the email..infact I have been trying to eat without rice...not very succefull..

The human body was never meant to consume rice! You see, our genes have hardly changed in more than 30,000 years. However, our food choices and lifestyle have changed dramatically. The caveman would hardly recognize our food or way of life.

Caveman food was never cooked as fire was not yet tamed. Thus, he ate only those foods that you can eat without treatment with or by fire. He ate fruits, vegetables, fish (sushi anyone?), eggs, nuts and meat. Yes, even meat! You can even eat meat raw if you were starving in the forest. You have the necessary enzymes to digest meat.

However, rice, like wheat and corn, cannot be eaten raw. It must be cooked. Even if you were starving in the desert, you cannot eat rice in the raw form.. This is because we do not have the system of enzymes to break rice down. You were never meant to eat rice. To make matters worse, you not only eat rice, but also make it the bulk of your food.

In some parts of


, rice forms up to 85% of the plate. Even if you take rice, keep it to a minimum. Remember, it is only for your tongue - not your body. Actually, rice and other grains like wheat and corn are actually worse than sugar. There are many reasons:

Rice becomes sugar - lots of it!

This is a fact that no nutritionist can deny: rice is chemically no different from sugar. One bowl of cooked rice is the caloric equal of 10 teaspoons of sugar. This does not matter whether it is white, brown or herbal rice. Brown rice is richer in fiber, some B vitamins and minerals but it is still the caloric equal of 10 teaspoons of sugar. To get the same 10 teaspoons of sugar, you need to consume lots of kangkong-10 bowls of it.

Rice is digested to become sugar.

Rice cannot be digested before it is thoroughly cooked. However, when thoroughly cooked, it becomes sugar and spikes circulating blood sugar within half an hour-almost as quickly as it would if you took a sugar candy. Rice is very low in the 'rainbow of anti-oxidants. '

This complete anti-oxidant rainbow is necessary for the effective and safe utilization of sugar. Fruits come with a sugar called fructose. However, they are not empty calories as the fruit is packed with a whole host of other nutrients that help its proper assimilation and digestion.

Rice has no fibre.

The fibre of the kangkong fills you up long before your blood sugar spikes. This is because the fibre bulks and fills up your stomach. Since white rice has no fibre, you end up eating lots of 'calorie dense' food before you get filled up. Brown rice has more fibre but still the same amount of sugar.

Rice is tasteless-sugar is sweet.

There is only so much that you can eat at one sitting. How many teaspoons of sugar can you eat before you feel like throwing up? Could you imagine eating 10 teaspoons of sugar in one seating?

Rice is always the main part of the meal.

While sugar may fill your dessert or sweeten your coffee, it will never be the main part of any meal. You could eat maybe two to three teaspoons of sugar at one meal. However, you could easily eat the equal value of

two to three

bowls (20-30 teaspoons) of sugar in one meal. I am always amused when I see someone eat sometimes five bowls of rice (equals 50 teaspoons of sugar) and then asks for tea tarik kurang manis!

There is no real 'built in' mechanism for us to prevent overeating of rice:

How much kangkong can you eat?

How much fried chicken can you eat?

How much steamed fish can you eat?

Think about that!

In one seating, you cannot take lots of chicken, fish or cucumber, but you can take lots of rice. Eating rice causes you to eat more salt. As rice is tasteless, you tend to consume more salt-another villain when it comes to high blood pressure. You tend to take more curry that has salt to help flavor rice. We also tend to consume more ketchup and soy sauce which are also rich in salt.

Eating rice causes you to drink less water.

The more rice you eat, the less water you will drink as there is no mechanism to prevent the overeating of rice. Rice, wheat and corn come hidden in our daily food. As rice is tasteless, it tends to end up in other foods that substitute rice like rice flour, noodles and bread. We tend to eat the hidden forms which still get digested into sugar.

Rice, even when cooked, is difficult to digest.

Can't eat raw rice? Try eating rice half cooked. Contrary to popular belief, rice is very difficult to digest. It is 'heavy stuff'. If you have problems with digestion, try skipping

rice for a few days. You will be amazed at how the problem will just go away.

Rice prevents the absorption of several vitamins and minerals.

Rice when taken in bulk will reduce the absorption of vital nutrients like zinc, iron and the B vitamins.

Are you a rice addict? Going riceless may not be easy but you can go rice less. Eating less rice could be lot easier than you think. Here are some strategies that you can pursue in your quest to eat less rice:

Eat less rice-cut your rice by half.

Barry Sears, author of the Zone Diet, advises 'eating rice like spice'. Instead, increase your fruits and vegetables. Take more lean meats and fish. You can even take more eggs and nuts.

Have 'riceless' meals.

Take no rice or wheat at say, breakfast. Go for eggs instead.

Go on 'riceless' days.

Go 'western' once a week.

Take no rice and breads for one day every week.

That can't be too difficult. Appreciate the richness of your food. Go for taste, colours and smells. Make eating a culinary delight. Enjoy your food in the original flavours.

Avoid the salt shaker or ketchup.

You will automatically eat less rice.

Eat your fruit dessert before (Yes! No printing error) your meals.

The fibre rich fruits will 'bulk up' in your stomach. Thus, you will eat less rice and more fruits.

It's your life. Decide what you want to eat! But eat less rice!

Mobile Phone Case again

also got this from email...

With deep pains (and tears in my eyes), I am sad to inform you that yesterday morning, one of my dear friend's elder son (Mr. Aditya Suresh Joshi), age 19, studying in 1st year engineering, died in Keshvani Hospital, Mumbai. He was admitted in
Keshavani Hospital as

burned patient.

Reason 4 days back this boy had gone to Amravati (One of the district place located in State of Maharashtra) on study tour. After their study was over his classmates & teachers, all of them were standing on "Badnera"railway station to catch the train. "Badnera" is the name of the railway station for "Amravati "city.

As soon as they arrived on Badnera Railway station, many of them started taking pictures of their friends using

"Mobile Phones"


"Digital Camera"

. One of them complained that, in his camera, he was not able to capture more number of friends in one frame. He was not able to catch the angle. Another boy suggested climbing on to the train boogie and take picture so that all of them can be accommodated in a single frame.

There was one goods wagon (all of them were oil tankers) train resting between 2 main railway lines.

Kumar Aditya
climbed up the oil boogie. Above his head, 40,000 volts electrical line was passing through. As soon as he clicked the digital camera

volt current passed through the camera flash light

to his camera and then

from his camera to his fingers and then from his fingers
o his body.
All this happened within seconds. Next moment he was thrown from the top. His body was half burned on the spot.

At that time, his father (my friend) was traveling in Bangkok . His many friends in Pune came to know about this via mobile SMS. They instantly arranged air ambulance in Amravati and his burned body was brought to Keshavani Hospital , Mumbai. I was told that this is the best hospital in Mumbai. Prior to the incident i.e. few days ago he was talking to his relatives. When he was admitted to the hospital, doctor informed

his relatives that don't keep any great hopes. Because of lot of complexity issues in a half burned body.
He died yesterday morning.

Now how many of us are aware about this technological threats &

dangers? Honestly, Kumar Aditya and his father were not aware. His family was not aware. Our entire friend circle of more than 12,000, we were not aware. Now should we call ourselves as fully educated and fully knowledgeable people? Think of it.

1. Please avoid mobile phones at

petrol outlets.


Please avoid talking on mobile

phones while


I also know many friends who do not bother about this good suggestion and many of them have opted for a "couldn't care less attitude".


Please avoid talking on mobile phones while they are in

charging mode



Avoid charging mobile phones

near your bed

and/or near wooden furniture.


Avoid using mobile phones and flash lights near high voltage electrical

lines like railway stations.

My friends, his family members learned our lesson with the loss of a young life. Now would you like to empower your friends about this accident so as to avoid future accidents?

We can save human life by empowering all friends who are in your network? I have done "My Karma {with deep pains & tears in my eyes}" by empowering you about this horrible experience.

Kedai TNB

from tnb..

Billing Enquiries 1-300-88-5454

Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to your account or billing, our trained customer service agents are always willing to help. Click on this section to learn more.

Should you have further clarifications or questions, please contact Ong Li Ling at03-6250 6020 ext 5176 or

10 Ways to Pretend You’re Working

from linked-in..

1. Type loudly on your keyboard with a steady rhythm

2. Hunch over your keyboard like you're really concentrating

3. Automate email sending (especially late at night)

4. Make conference calls to the Time of Day service

5. Get in early - but to check your Facebook!

6. Put on expressions of worry, anxiety and stress

7. Look up to the ceiling like you're thinking and scratch your head at regular intervals

8. Walk around with pads of paper (like you're really busy and important!)

9. Scribble down your shopping list and other notes regularly (because you're clearly writing down important key notes from your meetings!)

10. Tap your fingers impatiently on your desk like you're waiting for a web page to load on your screen.

Relocation Services - Movers

from global malaysian forum..

Quotation from Royal Relocations, dated 24 Aug 2006

RR Global Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
No. 7, 8 & 9, Kompleks Selayang, Batu 8 ½,

Jalan Ipoh, 68100 Batu Caves,

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Phone+6 03 6120 8903
Fax+6 03 6120 8906

The Investment for Relocation: Door-To-Door By Sea

Estimated Volume All-in Charge

30 cubic meters

(Into 1 x 20' Fcl Container)

RM 18,450

*NOTE the above charges exclude All-Risk Insurance


. Advance delivery of packing materials prior to official packing, if requested.

. English speaking Operations leader will supervise a highly skilled and professional team of packers to ensure that everything is carried out at highest standard.

. Royal Relocations' first class packing materials are purpose-made to provide finest protection.

. Every single item is carefully packed with different layer pads, marked and inventorised prior to moving.

. Supply of Silica Gel (Humidity Absorbent), for clothes, electrical appliances and etc.

. Professional skilled crew will handle the stuffing and sealing of container.

. Preparation of inventory and all export documentation.

. Transfer of packed household goods and personal effects to port of loading (Port Klang).


. Completion of all shipping documentation and preparation of customs forms.

. Information such as shipping details and destination contact will be provided at origin.

. Royal Relocations selects only reputable shipping companies.

. Sea shipment to Port Fremantle sails every week.

. The sea transit time taken is approximately +-10 days.

. Hassle free custom clearance takes 10 to 14 days to executed door-step delivery depending on the port's traffic.

. Overall time taken for whole sea shipment is approximately +- 24 days.

SERVICES AT DESTINATION - Residence in Perth, Australia (30 km radius within city proper)

. Trouble free customs clearance, port handling, terminal handling charges (THC/ CFS), normal AQIS quarantine & inspections fees, arrangement of delivery to the new residence.

. Transport household goods to residence.

. Normal access delivery (up to 1st floor only- if stairs carry), unloading, unpacking, positioning and setting up of normal furniture at residence.

. Clearance of debris after unpacking.


Exclusions unless specified in this proposal:

. Customs duties and taxes, port storage, any other detail quarantine & inspection fees, demurrage in transit storage.

. Dismantling and fixture that require special expertise, supply of heavy lifting equipment.

. Stairs carry (above 1st floor), multiple deliveries or pick up, deliver to third party, any storage facilities.

. Packing and moving on Sundays and public holidays.

Quotation from BW Worldwide Movers, dated 28 Aug 2006

BW Worldwide Sdn Bhd

(Company No. 545266-K)

11, Jalan Sibu 17,

Taman Wahyu,

Batu 6, Off Jalan Ipoh,

68100 Kuala Lumpur,


Tel : +603 - 6258 7573

Fax : +603 - 6252 7863

E-mail :

TOTAL ALL-IN CHARGE (Excluding Insurance)

(A) 15cbm (Loose-FCL) 1 x 20' Container ......... RM 13,800.00

(B) 20cbm (Loose-FCL) 1 x 20' Container ......... RM 14,800.00

This quotation excludes charges at origin/destination for works on weekends and public holidays, handling of piano, tax & duty, port storage/normal storage, demurrage, container detention charges, stair-carry above one floor, shuttle service, booking of parking space or arrange for parking permit, multiple deliveries, collection from & delivery to different locations, building/condo/apartment administration fees and supply of heavy lifting equipment - if any.

This quotation further excludes dismantling and setting up of equipment and furniture requiring special expertise; electrical, plumbing and carpentry works, if any.

Quotation from Intermovers, dated 29 Aug 2006

They were recommended by Bownti (a mover in SG)



No. 130-1, Jalan SBC 3, Taman Sri Batu Caves,

Batu Caves, 68100 Selangor, Malaysia.


No. 1, Lorong Perusahaan 3, Kimpal Industrial Area,

68100 Batu Caves, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel: (603) 6187 7777 (Import Dept.)

Fax: (603) 687 6767


Packing Address : As Above

Destination : Australia

P.O.E : Perth

Description of Service : Door to Door / Port

Transport Mode : By Sea

Transit Time Perth : 10 Days

Customs Clearance and

Delivery : 10-14 Working Days

Insurance : Intertrans Insurance Services, U.S.A.

Insurance Premium : 3.25% (Not included in this Quote)

Estimated Volume : 28 cbm loose loaded in 1 X 20' cont.

Our complete door to door charges RM 18,000.00

* 1 month free storage in Kuala Lumpur

Rates inclusions & exclusions:

Included: pick, crating, transportation, export documentation, prepay of ocean freight, destination services.

Excluded unless specified: customs duties, taxes, censorship fees, detention charges for prohibited items, demurrage charges or storage in transit charges for delays caused by the shipper or other relevant government bodies, steam cleaning and disposals), third party charges, multiple deliveries/pick ups, delivery that requires hoisting/carnage of large or exceptional heavy items/pianos, outside elevator, parking permit if any, additional charges /deposits for delivery to apartment buildings or for difficult access, ferry vehicle requirement for bad access, delivery above 1st floor, maid service (unpacking into cupboards/drawers and hanging pictures/clothes etc) and reassembly of furniture items (beds and tables will only be reassembled), overtime labour charges for deliveries on weekends, public holidays or outside normal business hours.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Poslaju Cheras

PosLaju Cheras

No 5& 7 Jalan 12/91A

Taman Shamelin Perkasa

Batu 3 ½ Cheras

56100 Kuala Lumpur


03-928 32 459

Fax :

03-928 41 809

map from wikimapia..

Poslaju Cheras

PosLaju Cheras

No 5& 7 Jalan 12/91A

Taman Shamelin Perkasa

Batu 3 ½ Cheras

56100 Kuala Lumpur


03-928 32 459

Fax :

03-928 41 809

map from wikimapia..




Legal Aid Department

Level 2, EON Bank Tower

Jalan Raja Laut


Telephone : 03-26942700

Facsimile : 03-26940040

Email :

FAQ from jbg

3. What are the criteria for me to be eligible for legal aid?

In order for you to be eligible for legal aid, you must have a good case to be represented in court and the need to fulfill the pre-condition as follows:

a. Your financial resources must not exceed RM25, 000.00 per annum; or

b. Your financial resources exceed RM25, 000.00 per annum but must not exceed RM30, 000.00 per annum.

Beyond the Tipping Point

reading here..

Eukanuba Malaysia

bought some eukanuba dog bscut at the expo in mid valley and get to know this company and guy..

Raja, mobile - 016-305 6329

their website below..


CIMB Click

Call Centre at 03-2084 9890 or email us at

Call us at 1300 880 900

Email us at

Seeing a Lawyer

try to find a forum that talk about law..but found this

If there is a need for you to see a lawyer but you cannot afford to pay his fees, you may seek help from a Legal Aid Centre run by the Bar Council. The Legal Aid Centre in Kuala Lumpur is situated at:

Tingkat 5, Bangunan Straits Trading,

4, Leboh Pasar Besar,

50050 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 2913005/2932072

The Government also runs a Legal Aid Scheme for people who need legal assistance but cannot afford to pay fees. The Government Legal Aid Bureau has offices in all major cities and towns in Malaysia and their office at Kuala Lumpur is situated at:

Biro Bantuan Guaman,

Wilayah Persekutuan,

Tingkat 1, Wisma Cycle & Carriage,

50504 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel :03-2942700

Bar Council,

No.13,15 &17, Leboh Pasar Besar,

50050 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: (603) 2031-3003(Hunting )

Fax: (603) 2026-1313, 2034-2825;2072-5818

E-Mail: council @