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Fish Pond Filter Section Holes

Make these holes for the filter section wall.

(a) first filter hole - about 6 inches below water level
(b) Third filter/ chamber - about 6 inches below water level - for extra pump to pump water from filter to pond (contingency)
(c) Third chamber - in the middle for wiring./ air hose etc (contingency)

(a) the first is to put a surface skimmer on the main pond and the flow is into the first chamber
(b) Second is for another pump in the event your pump for waterfall does not give enough volume to turn around the water cycle in 1 hour
(c) third is to facilitate wirings/ air hose if necessary whcih u can have it mid way or above the water level. Pls note if mid way, u may have to get some rubber sealant to protect water to flow into the last its only meant to facilitate wiring/ air hose or if u use uni ring, this is where the hose can go through since u didnt do any upfront.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nasi Lemak At Mas Enrich

I love enrich now, every time I take MH I can go to Enrich Lounge, and enjoy my Nasi Lemak ..wah lau very this is the only reason I love MAS..besides their in flight food is suck..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Values

Muslim are not permit or allow to watch the temple concert, so please put something to block it up to prevent Muslim to seeing it accidentally.

I remember I watch a you tube on how to train the dog. There is a person pretend to be a bad person, try to attack the dog, but without the owner instruction the dog basically doing nothing. Well trained.

If a person have a strong uphold on his religions, then law will not be needed to "FORCE" a person to do something which is consider as not clean or sinful for the person. Is like I put a nice fish at a plate and ask the cat, please don't eat.

You can see in this country, many religious practice are force, of course not all, religion should be something free, and it is a human right for a person to practice or not practice a religion. You can see very clearly, every time during Puasa, there we officials walking around try to find Muslim eating in public place. If a person hold a strong belief in his/her religion, why he not stick the religion practice and eat in public place even though they know it is puasa period.

When I was in Pakistan, there is a TV religion program, and not only talking about Islam, they are program preaching the Christianity. So will the Pakistan government or Islamic department announce to the Muslim in the country, please block away these channel or switch off the TV during these period, because there are some TV program which you not suppose to watch. I feel more religion freedom in Pakistan then Malaysia.

So it go back to root of the problem, which the religion teaching need to be enhance and not the enforcement of religion law. If the root is strong, no matter typhoon Feng Shen or Catrina, will not blow you away.

Candida Research

Candida was identified by American Physician during 70s.

From the Wiki, it define as a kind of yeast or lay man term as fungus. Chances of getting is 0% women, 20% men and 20% children, according to National Candida Society.


Could cause the cyst formation as well accoridng to national candida society.

1. Stress could be one of the cause of candida as well.
2. This type of fungus normally exist in the body, giving certain circumstance it take the opportunity to growth, according to Candida Digest.

Interview with Christine Tomlinson PhD, reveal an interesting cause where due to internal irregularity, basically when body is weak, these fungus take the opportunity to growth. Stress can be one of the contributor as well, another factor is over dos of antibiotic. Christine also called this as internal imbalance.

the cause of Candida also multifactorial , meaning there are many reason for it and it is varies from person to person.


Normally taking anti fungus will be able to remove it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ovarian Cyst Research

Here is a good definition for cyst as a sac of fluid filled. Specifically for ovarian cyst, it form in order to hold the egg and will disappear after release the egg. This is called functional cyst, as it was created with a function to hold the egg, release it and disappear.

Wiki define Ovarian Cyst as collection of fluid with thin wall within the ovary.

My wife actually have the symptoms of vomiting, gain weight and back pain. These symptom also written in Wiki.

Healthy lifestyle also mentioned the birth controlled pill can prevent the cyst formation, This also make sense as for functional cyst, as of if this pill is taken, then there will be no egg is form hence cyst will not be form.

Basically two type, either monitor via ultrasound screening, if the cyst remain big, then operation will be needed. Strangle, there is no remedies from medical point of point, except to do surgery to remove it. But there are so many commercial product which claim can help as below.

Birth Control Pill, can be used to prevent the egg formation hence can reduce the cyst formation.

Native Remedies recommend Dong Quai (Chinese herb) can help. This is typical Chinese herb which normally don' t have the medical proven fact to show. It always like old people said it work, then we need to follow.

Cellfood, another recommendation from a relative who took it and it help. This one, even after I read the web, still cannot under how this supplement work. It basically make use of oxygen, something like rejuvenate or anti-ageing supplement. Not very convince.

Wiki claim that 95% of cyst are not cancerous. In order to know if the cyst is cancerous, need to conduct a blood test for CA125. CA125 blood test also is a method to identify ovarian cyst cancer proposed by UK Cancer Research. But it is not a good test for ovarian cyst cancer. So what is the best can be done to confirm if one got the ovarian cancer? I would say a better way to proof if it is a cancer is doing Laparoscopy, where a specimen is take for analysis.

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My Funny Water Tank Pipe

I thought they are kidding, but after confirm with my contractor again, he said it look like this. I cannot believe how can the pipe look like this??

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Google STOP Code for Blue screen

When searching for a STOP error in Google, the following method will maximize the search effectivness:

  • In the search field, type +Stop and then enter the first set of numbers in the stop error message. For example, if the stop code were 0x0000007b, the best search phrase would be as below: +Stop 0x0000007b
  • If any file names appear in the first three lines of the STOP error, add those to the search field.
  • If that does not return relevant results, progressively refine your search by adding the rest of the numbers from the STOP error code from left to right.
  • If you still do not get good results, start over from the top of this list, omitting +.

Fish Pond Pump

I'm Tan here. I'm a professional pond builder based in KL. Regarding good and reliable water pumps, i would suggest that you use Tsurumi 40PU2.15S. VERY VERY RELIABLE AND LOW POWER CONSUMPTION! Only 150WATTS!

It is very low in maintenance as well. FULLY MADE IN JAPAN. For any enquiries please give me a call 012-2866926 or email me at

Life is fuck


Hate and Love

Sometimes I hate politics, because it wasted resources to play all these games and doing nothing to benefit peoples. Another case of sodomy, this will definitely not benefit rakyat. Why can't these politician really start working and serve the people instead...

Good Fish Pond Advice

There are several reasons why your pond gets dirty.

If the water turns green, generally that means your pond is exposed to too much sunlight, if it is a geographical limitation then there is generally little things you could do about it. It is the algae, and anything that kills the algae also kills the fish in there. Rare a few catfish (called longkang/bandaraya fish) A healthy pond must not be exposed to sunlight more than 2 hours a day, 3 if it is a large pond and even then preferably morning sun. Direct evening sunlight is a sure way to have an algae problem. Placing some tall potted plants at the edge of the pond is a quick and easy way to fix the problem of extreme direct sunlight, else a pergola with some vine type plants will also do the trick.

The other reason is also due to the materials you used to make the pond. Stone or ceramic based ponds attract far more algae growth. Fibreglass or bitumen liner is the better material to construct the pond. Though it does not mean that there will be no algae growth, it just means that the algae does not get to stick on the surface and the constant recirculation of the water will trap the algae within the filters.

If you have fish and the pond is smelly or murky. The main culprit for the water going murky is over feeding. Try using an automatic feeder and feed the fish smaller amounts 3-4 times a day instead of a 1 or 2 big feeding sessions per day. If it is a koi pond, that feeding should only take place every other day on the same 3-4 times rather than a large feast each time.

The rest is all about the filters, a real filter will have at least 4 chambers and 3-4 different medias. On a 4 chamber box, the first chamber should be wool, it will filter out the excess foods and also the algaes. The second chamber should be ceramics, this will help to absorb the fishy smell as a result of the slimy discharge from the fish. The next should be a finer wool, it will trap junk that does not get trapped like the faeces from the fish and the final chamber is charcoal filters, this one removes the smell from everything in the pond.
The filters should be cleaned at least once a week and replaced every quarter.

Some other things to note, the water pump needs to be powerful. Suppossing your pond is 1000l then the bare minimum power capacity of the pump needs to be 1000l per hour. 1200l/hour would be better.

Fish that has better supply of oxygen tend to release less smells. Recirculating the water more tends to bring better oxygenation.

When feeding time, a sure way to ensure your water stays cleaner and your fish eats more is to shut off the water pumps and switch to an air pump while the feeding is in progress. This way their foods does not get trapped within the filters.

Changing of water, every 7 days remove 1/3 of the water and replace with new fresh water. Once every 28 days remove 2/3 of the water and replace with new.
Every quarter should the need arise, drain the entire pond and scrub the scums away. Not difficult at all. This step is not recommended unless it is really necessary.


How to lay lawn

1. scrap away a layer of 3" of the existing bad soil (& other constrcution materials, if it's a new house)

2. lay 2" thick of good soil (for holding nutrients)

3. then lay 1" thick of sand (for rooting & aeration)

4. then lay the carpet grass

5. then compress firmly to the ground

6. then apply a thin layer of fine sand to fill the gaps

7. and water 2 times daily (morning & afternoon)

8. and apply a little fertilizer (urea or NPK 15:15:15) monthly

and you'll have a great lawn with minimum maintenance for years to come.


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Hate and Love

Sometimes I hate politics, because it wasted resources to play all these games and doing nothing to benefit peoples. Another case of sodomy, this will definitely not benefit rakyat. Why can't these politician really start working and serve the people instead...

Hate and Love

Sometimes I hate politics, because it wasted resources to play all these games and doing nothing to benefit peoples. Another case of sodomy, this will definitely not benefit rakyat. Why can't these politician really start working and serve the people instead...