Friday, July 18, 2008

Candida Research

Candida was identified by American Physician during 70s.

From the Wiki, it define as a kind of yeast or lay man term as fungus. Chances of getting is 0% women, 20% men and 20% children, according to National Candida Society.


Could cause the cyst formation as well accoridng to national candida society.

1. Stress could be one of the cause of candida as well.
2. This type of fungus normally exist in the body, giving certain circumstance it take the opportunity to growth, according to Candida Digest.

Interview with Christine Tomlinson PhD, reveal an interesting cause where due to internal irregularity, basically when body is weak, these fungus take the opportunity to growth. Stress can be one of the contributor as well, another factor is over dos of antibiotic. Christine also called this as internal imbalance.

the cause of Candida also multifactorial , meaning there are many reason for it and it is varies from person to person.


Normally taking anti fungus will be able to remove it.

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