Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ipad restored error 17


iTunes error 17 when upgrading/restoring?


  1. On the File menu, click Save as, type hosts in the File name box, and then save the file to the desktop.
  2. Click Start, click Run, type %WinDir%\System32\Drivers\Etc, and then click OK.
  3. Select the Hosts file, and rename it "Hosts.old." 
  4. Copy or move the Hosts file that you created in step 3 to the %WinDir%\System32\Drivers\Etc folder. If you are prompted to enter an administrator password, click Continue.

after remove the host file for apply lilne code, it work now, the restored done.

Monday, August 25, 2014

ipad 2 restore


Recovery Mode:

1. Turn off iPad

2. Connect USB cable to computer; leave the other end alone

3. Press and hold the Home button down and connect the docking end of cable to iPad

4. Continue holding the Home button until you see the "Connect To iTune" screen

5. Release the Home button

6. Open iTune

7. You should see "iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode"

8. Use iTune to restore iPad

Wednesday, August 06, 2014



for testing xbmc on pc before you buy android tv box for tv:

1.. dwnld the right version for yr pc

2.. watch these videos, 2nd 3rd ones very impt for installation of "search engines" and addons. for testing, i think fusion and then navi-x will do.

3. if happy with the xbmc test on pc, decide which box u wan to get for yr tv:

to many channel
i not comfem what channel chinese u want...
video plugins:
plugin.video.funshion - Online videos from http://www.funshion.com
plugin.video.kankan - Online videos from http://movie.kankan.com
plugin.video.pptv - Online videos from http://www.pptv.com
plugin.video.kugoumv - Online MV form http://www.kugou.com
plugin.video.soptv - Online videos via sopcast p2p network, linux only
plugin.video.letv - Online tv and movies from http://LeTV.com
plugin.video.tv189 - Online tv and movies from http://www.tv189.com, support by China Telecom (Chinese)
plugin.video.netitv - Online tv and movies from http://www.netitv.com, support by China Telecom (Chinese)
plugin.video.tv365 - Online live tv from http://www.tv365w.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.youku - Online tv and movies from http://www.youku.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.ppstream - PPS online tv and movies (Chinese)
plugin.video.qvod - Online video from http://www.tom365.comhttp://www.qvodzy.com.cnhttp://www.ttfdy.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.cntv - Chinese Net TV online video (Chinese)
plugin.video.cntv-live - Chinese Net TV live tv (Chinese)
plugin.video.sohuvideo - Online video from http://tv.sohu.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.somovie - Search and play movie/video in supported video plugin (Chinese)
plugin.video.yinyuetai - MV from http://www.yinyuetai.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.qiyi - Online video from http://www.qiyi.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.openv - Online video from http://www.openv.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.tudou - Online video from http://www.tudou.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.tencent - Online video from http://v.qq.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.ku6 - Online video from http://www.juchang.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.wzipad - Online video from http://www.wzipad.com (Chinese)
plugin.video.sina - Online video from http://video.sina.com.cn (Chinese)