Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exemption of Income from Export of Qualifying Services

From yaer 2002 budge it is stated that Malaysian expeort the professional service in oversea are exempted from paying the 10% withholdng tax. Get the budget 2002 on taxation reprot here.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Price Down

Good news, fuel price gone down another 10 sen, but will the price of other thing which gone up due to petrol gone up last time gone down? I bet, all these business person, will want to take this oppoturnity to gain more profit, since now cost is lower, unless goverment intervene. 

It is unwise decision by poor and apparently inexperience adminstration, which decision was make without much deep consideration and much research or market situation. I was thinking where is all the think tank gone?

Visa for Indonesia

Question  - if I am working on project in indonesia, do I need to apply for visa?

Can get some info from here.  Basically Business Visa is required for short term assignment. 

Regardsing taxation matter, can refer here.  

Monday, September 22, 2008


You can convert your doc file to pdf online from here.  

Aslo can get the freeware called CutePDF from here

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Issue Unit

Issue -  discover that the UoM used in the Materials Master did not support decimal during backflush (MFBF), but business need to backflush with decimal point due to certain circumstances. But SAP already went live and wanted to make this minimun changes to make this functionality available.

1. Add the alternative UoM in Materials Master.
2. During the Backflush, change to smaller UoM and the quantity accordingly, system will automatically do the unit conversion.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Law Got Eyes

I thought law suppose to have no eyes, it will not depend on status and skin color of the person. But apparent someone can determine if ISA can be impose on someone or not, read. So if you are someone with some status, but must be the ruling coalition party member, then you have a chance if ISA to be apply on you or not. But if you are just a normal person, even though you are pregnant, you still can be locked up for some 11 months, and have your baby delivery in the locked up.

Law is double standard here in this country.

If US can go for change. Even a black person can be a canditate for presidential, which is once upon a times their grandfather could be the slaves in the state. Chinese in this country? I don't their grandfather is a slave, but they fight together to get this land independent. But could ever Chinese become a candidate for Primse Minister? Unless there is a huge change in the political arena, otherwise it will take long time for this change to happen.

So vote for change for freedome and equalness. I wanted a change, but prefer the change to be decide by people, not by grapping MPs from other side of the house. I don't think this is democracy. If PR is serious about change, let work hard during this 4 years, then people will vote for you for change for better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Airport Express in GZ Baiyun Aiport

There are some buses from GZ Airport to down town. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LCD TV Comparison

Compare Samsung 32 and 46 " - LA46A650A1R Series 6 and LA32A650A1R Series 6

1. S-video - 46" don't have, may be S-Video is the past.

2. Headphone - 46" don't have, surpirse.

Enthernet port - once got this can directly connect the network cable and the TV can go internet. Samsung LN52A650 , offer this feature. But apparently cannot find this model in Malaysia. Not sure why? The one offer in samsung malaysia was LA52A650A1R, which did not support Enther port.

Samsung IPTV , apparently just arrive in Singapore and not yet in Malaysia. I think the key is the enthernet port, once got this, then can hook on the internet.

Samsung Series 7 LCD will support the internet connectivity. But when this series will be in KL?

updated 20081127

Compare Series 7 [ LA46A750R1R ] and 8 [ LA46A850S1R ]

. basically the are similar, just that series is slimer.

. input/output - for series 8, it only available at side not at back.

. slim - infact there is only 20mm slimmer for series 8. weight for slim model is 20 and for series 7 is 30kg.

Compare to Series 6, what series 6 don't have

. iDTV

.content library

.multi room viewing

.contrast is 70,000 for series 7 , series 6 is 50,000

.info live - connect to internet for news, weather etc

But Series 6 got

. energy saving (240W) for Series 6, series 7 and 8, not avaiable.

. down firing speaker did not mentioned available for series 7 and 8

Monday, September 08, 2008

LImited Connectivity

Problem - when try to connect to wireless, got this message that Limited Connectivity


1. do ipconfig/all, then try to ping the ip and see it work?

2. disable the ipv6

3. This is due the wireless did not provide the IP to your computer, found this in yahoo answer, hence IP need to be assigned manually.  How to enter IP, see here

Miscrosoft resolution on this issue, by disable the DHCP.

Managet to solved the problem, it is due to the user name type. the usernam suppose to have @streamyx but not  Apparently streamyx is not so smart, even though the user name wrong it is still able to be connected. By right it should show connection failed. This the the solution for connecting to streamyx via dell.

updated 20090215
Now after restore the window in dell back to factory image, the limited access for wireless is back. I thought I documented it down, apparently this is for direct connect to streamyx, not wireless. Need to research again.

tried the manual  ip then the wireless work, in order to get the ip, do the wireless connection, then go to cmd, do ipconfig/all. get the ip information from here.

Baby Fan

Due to the ceiling is very low, basically if you stretch your hand up, there will be a bout one ft leave, hence need to find a ceiling with as short as possible neck.

There are basically 2 types of ceiling to narrow down the search, wich is Panasonic or KDK.

Found this KDK A11YS, look not bad, but not cheap. From ceiling to the lowest point of fan is about 261mm, less then one ft. Look good. The price is not cheap, RM 349.00. More expensive then the normal fan, which is about RM 265.00. I wondor why, smaller fan lesser materials, how come more expensive??

As for Panasonic found this, F-M14E8, from the top to the blade about 20cm.

But KDK design look better, now just need to find a place where can get it for cheaper price. Will need to check it out.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Found this Q&A in the chinese website about the source of my surname

出自子姓,以封地命姓。春秋时,宋国有一员猛将叫南宫长万,在攻打鲁国时被俘,鲁庄公把他囚禁在后宫中,几个月后才把他放回宋国。公元前682年秋的一 天,宋闵公同南宫长万在后宫博戏(古代的一种赌局),闵公的宠姬也在旁边观看。长万看着她们说:"还是鲁宫的美女漂亮,天下诸侯没有比做鲁君更快活的 了!"闵公一向以这几个姬妾的姿色自矜,听了这话很不高兴,就嘲笑长万说:"像你这种当俘虏的人怎么懂得美不美呢?"这一下触到了南宫长万的痛处,他顿时 恼羞成怒,一拳就把闵公打死了。接着他又杀死大夫仇牧和太宰华督,另立公子游为君。宋国公子纷纷逃往萧邑(今安徽萧县)。萧邑大夫是宋国始祖微子启的后 裔,名叫大心,他把这些公族子弟及他们的随从聚合起来组成一支军队,又到曹国请来援军,逐杀了南宫长万及其同党,平息了这次内乱。闵公的弟弟宋桓公即位 后,把大心封在萧为附属国,称为萧叔。萧国后来被楚国所灭,大心的后世子孙遂以封地命姓,称萧姓。

Monday, September 01, 2008

Nintendo Store and Price

1) Nintendo Official Counter, Jusco, Mid Valley; - 26/Sep/2007;

02) Best Denki, 1Utama; - 06/Oct/2007;
- 1 Wii Console (NTSC/US version)
- 1 Wii Remote
- 1 Nunchuk
- 1 Sensor Bar
- 1 Wii Console Stand
- 1 Wii AV Cable
- 1 official Wii AC 220V Adapter
- Wii Sports (game) included

03) Toys'R'Us, Mid Valley; - 11/Oct/2007;
- 1 Extra Wii Remote
- 2 free games (Metal Slug+Shrek) sweat.gif

04) Best Denki, Mid Valley; - 10/Oct/2007;

05) Nintendo Official Counter, Jusco, Queensbay Mall; - 05/Nov/2007;

06) Best Denki, Berjaya Time Square; - 10/Jan/2008;
- 1 Extra Nunchuk