Monday, December 29, 2008


SAP PP/QM consultant, Taiwan
For a CMG company in Taiwan we are currently seeking a SAP PP/QM consultant to do a regional roll-out.

Job description:
- Identification and documenting of functional business requirements
- Configuration and documentation of the SAP system
- Support and design and specification of appropriate IT architecture to support EBS
- Create specifications for the interfaces between EBS and legacy systems
- Perform testing
- Organize date conversion during rollout
- Support change management, security, training and communication efforts
- Develop sound understanding of underlying business processes, related data, and SAP configuration in order to provide post go live support

You will have at least done 5 full cycle implementations on PP/QM.

For interest, please send your CV to

Sjoerd van Meulen
Manager CRM/ERP


Interested candidates can either forward their CVs in MS Word Format to quoting reference DC/23217/TL or contact, Daniel Clements in our Singapore Office, at +65 6511 8544 for a preliminary and confidential discussion.



Degree holder in IT
Expertise in PP and knowledge in MM is a plus
3 years full-cycle of implementation experience
Fluent in spoken and written English and Mandarin
Interested parties, please send detailed resume (*MS WORD) format with expected salary to: Venus Consultants Limited, Unit 1609, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong or email to For more details information or “Make an appointment”, pls call us at 2157-9099

Friday, December 26, 2008


learn something today, when setup the cctv on my pc.due to streamyx is dynamic ip, hence need to use this, thing to re-direct the ip., in order to watch my home cctv on the net..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

D-Link Wireless setup

1. Off PC, Modem and Wireless router

2. Plug in the network cable - phone line to modem, modem network cable to router

WAN port then router network port to PC network port.

3. On all PC, modem and Router

4. Reset the Router - use pen to press the reset button, you can feel there is some button is pressed, press for about 10 seconds, then notice that the light will be running, this show that the reset is successful.

5. Login router via IE with IP -

- id :

- password:

by default the initial id = admin and the password is (blank).

note - first time login the password is (blank), but after setup you are ask to enter the password and after then when login with admin username need to use the password, which is not blank anymore. you can maintain the new id and password in the Maintenance section.

6. Internet Setup - setup the internet connection via the wizard, enter thing

like streamyx id and password, use static IP etc

- internet connection = PPPoE

- Addess Mode - Dynamic IP

7. Wireless setup - enter thing like wireless name, WPA wireless, password etc.

updated 20090702 suddently the wireless did not work..

play around withe Security Mode and Cipher Type then it work..strange..

can check out how to setup the wireless here..

Monday, December 15, 2008

PC Spec wanted to buy DEC 2008

updated 20090511 - now only realisd my PC don't have the 1394 port, I cannot use my WD Pass Book...shits..need to buy the cable or the card..

processor = intel E8400 ps: dont take too low end one..u wil regret..

ram = 2g ram ,one g rm65 here(note : it depend on your motherboard..if u take p5gc-mx .max is 1g X 2 = 2g..u ned to ask the fellowz normaly

motherboard = asus P5KPL-AM rm190 here..try to take asus..coz three years warraty..

power supply = acbel 390watt i got here rm125(coz life time warraty..rmb..dont take the cap palang brand one...either enermax, themaltake, delta bla bla bla..y? coz later your whole pc wil fry if take capalang one)

casing = take watever also la

rom = try take pioneer (sata one not IDE..<100>

video card = u wan or not also nvm one.. your motherboard got intergrated graphic adi ..can adi la for kid to play..

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My new house address

12 Jalan Damai Kasih 10
Alam Damai 
56000 Cheras
Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Finally I am the victim for the economy contract was terminated with 2 days notice, they don't even respect the contract that has been signed. Good lesson learn, never go for small consulting firm, the security is bad. Now I can see why people wanted the big name, there is a guarantee behind these big name.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mobile in Jakarta

My mobile number in Jakarta +62.81.218701707, Telkomsel

Google Base

Can publish your item here..I attached my SAP Resume here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Build then sell Conference by HBA

The conference is organized by the National House Buyers Association
and will be held at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur on
Saturday, 6th December, 2008 at 2.30pm. Participation fee is only RM15 per

For more information, please call 012 3345676 or 012-2524287 or check out
the HBA website at, here

House Buyers' Conference

“Protection Not Guaranteed”

6th December 2008 (Saturday) at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) at 2.30pm – 6.00pm

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just know..

If you want to come out public and make some statement, please be prepare and do your home work thoroughly, don't give the bullshit answer like - I just know - unless you are God, who even know the number of hair of each person. 

A common sense tell me, that why this person come out in public to cover up DPM. I like the most is he is going to Oxford, UK, to do his PhD, and publish book. Is this the award he got after hep the big gun cover up thing?

Question still un-answer, where is the C4 come from, and if C4 is the country top danger weapon and can be make available at ease, without top gun approval, don't this seem to be dangerous, tat C4 could one day appear in anywhere and blow up some body??

Also a common sense tell, how can a normal police so free and go to get C4 to blow up someone, if in return they are not getting any reward?? Why they want to take this risk?

If the justice due-diligent has been done, then there is must be alot of loop hole in the justice, make the C4 person invisible.

Another X-Files.

Recover deleted post

Check out this blog..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here you go your tax money

You have work so hard and pay the tax, and some one just said - who care, it is governement money - and million and million of ringgit gone into the drain, or may be not drain, gone into the pocket of few the Pempena case. I should stop paying heart aches see my tax money gone just like that..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who benefited

Discount for toll from midnight to 7am, read the star news, who is going to benefit this? most people sleep already during this wee hour. Look like PLUS is very smart, govenrment want them to reduce the toll, they did reduce, for the show purposes, but what is the point if majority did not benefit from it. It seem like goverment is missing some common sense and just doing thing sake of doing it. Come on, where is the strategic think tank.

Nasi Lemak At Mas Enrich

I love enrich now, every time I take MH I can go to Enrich Lounge, and enjoy my Nasi Lemak ..wah lau very this is the only reason I love MAS..besides their in flight food is suck..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toll Contract

Finally they are looking are open up the contract paper which have been so far being in the black hole, read the Sun today, " No More Secret".  But the toll company is very smart, they got another clause in the contract to block that..I am not sure the minister is in the same boat to make this happen or the legal advicer must be very stupid, that this common sense can also be overlook..very obvious the contract sided the toll company..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cannot take it

Can you imagine the Wakil Rakyat got caught by police, and most of the time they are from opposition party, read here. Look like the rulling party cannot take it that they are not in charge, hence they use Federal power to wack the opposition guy. this is very un-professionlal.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog editor compare

Blog Editor comparison, read here.

updated 20090302

off line blog editor, try out a few, still few that Zoundry is the best, just that when press enter need to use shift+enter to get the normal space otherwise it will become double space, because they assume when blogger press enter it go to a new paragraph

try to get back the blog reader, off line reader, the name something line snaper, but cannot google it, thanks to the google web histroy..manage to get it back, it is called, Snarfer.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

No Confident

Mohamad Asri selanjutnya merumus: “Adalah menjadi mimpi ngeri bagi orang Melayu sebagai tuan di bumi bertuah ini mendapat menteribesar yang bukan Melayu. 

apparently after years of helping, and it is obvious helping hand and spoon feed, look like this guy still very much with no self confident. Very scare of other people grap their rice bowl and seek protection. Easy eay out.

I think these kind of people will never progress.

I was shock that Indonesian work so late in office, almost every day I leave office 8 to 9pm, and normally they are still there after I left.

Apparently Indonesia is much different from Malay and if Indonesia is going towards this direction and improve on their corruption practice, soon they will ahead of Malaysia.


I thought US just show the world that anyone can be anything, even the US President, and even our PM also said anyone can be PM, but not sure that anyone only apply to Malay or as long as he/she is citizen of Malaysian. Then now PKNS, it seem like Malay is very un-happy that a non-Malay is heading the PKNS, even though for temporary, read here.  I thought PR will be different, but it seem there is not much, thing are still done or may be should said still being pressure by community, but not based on merit. Even though you are more then qualify to lead PKNS, but sorry you are not Malay, you are OUT. We might need another 100 years to be what US are in today in term of openess and real based on merit but color of skin.

Wakil Rakyat

I thought the main task of the wakil rakyat in Parliment is to delivery to the law maker what the rakyat want and get chance to debate on the issue. But in order to fight for a chance to debate about the issue, the two poor MPs got kick out. Read here.  If you can even fight for right to debate what is the point of having wakil rakyat. Better then we go back to monarchy era or dictatorship. Seem like we are moving backward in our parliment and look like we are far more behind in term of democracy as compare to Indonesia.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


African-American can be the US president, and now our PM said everyone can be PM, read here.  But when the non-malay is called to be the head of the Local Council there is already an issues. I think first step is to change the current system to PM-elect, instead of PM by default.


Found this website for curtain and all kind of shade and blind.  Sharp Point

This curtain also look nice.  Here

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bar Code standard

Got this from my Indonesian friend, find it very useful..

Sedangkan barcode dengan awalan 471 adalah made in Taiwan . 

Merupakan 'hak azasi manusia' untuk mengetahui hal ini, tetapi 'pendidikan masyarakat' tentang hal ini tidak dilakukan oleh pemerintah atau departemen terkait. Oleh karenanya kita harus menyelamatkan kita sendiri dan orang-orang yang kita sayangi.
00-13: USA & Canada
20-29: In-Store Functions
30-37: France
40-44: Germany
45: Japan (also 49)
46: Russian Federation
471: Taiwan
474: Estonia
475: Latvia
477: Lithuania
479: Sri Lanka
480: Philippines
482: Ukraine
484: Moldova
485: Armenia
486: Georgia
487: Kazakhstan
489: Hong Kong
49: Japan (JAN-13)
50: United Kingdom
520: Greece
528: Lebanon
529: Cyprus
531: Macedonia
535: Malta
539: Ireland
54: Belgium & Luxembourg
560: Portugal
569: Iceland
57: Denmark
590: Poland
594: Romania
599: Hungary
600 & 601: South Africa
609: Mauritius
611: Morocco
613: Algeria
619: Tunisia
622: Egypt
625: Jordan
626: Iran
64: Finland
690-692: China
70: Norway
729: Israel
73: Sweden
740: Guatemala
741: El Salvador
742: Honduras
743: Nicaragua
744: Costa Rica
746: Dominican Republic
750: Mexico
759: Venezuela
76: Switzerland
770: Colombia
773: Uruguay
775: Peru
777: Bolivia
779: Argentina
780: Chile
784: Paraguay
785: Peru
786: Ecuador
789: Brazil
80 - 83: Italy
84: Spain
850: Cuba
858: Slovakia
859: Czech Republic
860: Yugoslavia
869: Turkey
87: Netherlands
880: South Korea
885: Thailand
888: Singapore
890: India
893: Vietnam
899: Indonesia
90 & 91: Austria
93: Australia
94: New Zealand
955: Malaysia
977: International Standard Serial Number for Periodicals (ISSN)
978: International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN)
979: International Standard Music Number (ISMN)
980: Refund receipts
981 & 982: Common Currency Coupons
99: Coupons
Kayaknya yang menarik dibeli adalah produk dengan barcode berawalan 899 ...  ;-) 
semoga bermanfaat

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Almost every day we can read the news regarding races, 30% bumi in corporate, NST, road name in other langauge, Malaysiakini etc. 

I think Malay are so not confident, that every day they need to worry that one day Bahasa Melayu or Malay will get marginalised. 

We don't have time to think of how we can proceed further from now, something values added that can enhance the country economy. Most of the debate in parliment is about races. Alot of time is wasted.

Anti Discrimiation

This morning when had breakfast, there is a Chinese News on the TV screen. Surprise to see the news in chinese and on the screen you cannot see any non chinese word except the pinyin of the news channel - xinwen (news in chinese pinyin).

Amaze that with minimun of the chinese population here, and they are enjoying huge democracy. The MP manage to get the anti discrimation bill thru the parlilment house. This will be a big bonus for the minority.

I doubt Malaysia chinese politician as such MCA or Gerakan, will manage to do the same.


To my surprise Jakarta have a very good taxi company called bluebird, Bluebird taxi pak.  I have no difficulty to get tax even though the traffic jam in Jakarta is very bad. I think worst then KL. May be the city itself is huge, have some element of China city, where you can see a long straight main road, full of cars. One this is the public transport, I mean buses and metro, are basically not up to mark in term of service level. The buses are old and without air con. KL and GZ are far more ahead on this.

KL taxi still got alot of room for improvement especially these taxi in the down town or near the LRT station. My personal experience at BTS station, basically you need to wait for at least 30 mins for the taxi.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exemption of Income from Export of Qualifying Services

From yaer 2002 budge it is stated that Malaysian expeort the professional service in oversea are exempted from paying the 10% withholdng tax. Get the budget 2002 on taxation reprot here.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Price Down

Good news, fuel price gone down another 10 sen, but will the price of other thing which gone up due to petrol gone up last time gone down? I bet, all these business person, will want to take this oppoturnity to gain more profit, since now cost is lower, unless goverment intervene. 

It is unwise decision by poor and apparently inexperience adminstration, which decision was make without much deep consideration and much research or market situation. I was thinking where is all the think tank gone?

Visa for Indonesia

Question  - if I am working on project in indonesia, do I need to apply for visa?

Can get some info from here.  Basically Business Visa is required for short term assignment. 

Regardsing taxation matter, can refer here.  

Monday, September 22, 2008


You can convert your doc file to pdf online from here.  

Aslo can get the freeware called CutePDF from here

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Issue Unit

Issue -  discover that the UoM used in the Materials Master did not support decimal during backflush (MFBF), but business need to backflush with decimal point due to certain circumstances. But SAP already went live and wanted to make this minimun changes to make this functionality available.

1. Add the alternative UoM in Materials Master.
2. During the Backflush, change to smaller UoM and the quantity accordingly, system will automatically do the unit conversion.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Law Got Eyes

I thought law suppose to have no eyes, it will not depend on status and skin color of the person. But apparent someone can determine if ISA can be impose on someone or not, read. So if you are someone with some status, but must be the ruling coalition party member, then you have a chance if ISA to be apply on you or not. But if you are just a normal person, even though you are pregnant, you still can be locked up for some 11 months, and have your baby delivery in the locked up.

Law is double standard here in this country.

If US can go for change. Even a black person can be a canditate for presidential, which is once upon a times their grandfather could be the slaves in the state. Chinese in this country? I don't their grandfather is a slave, but they fight together to get this land independent. But could ever Chinese become a candidate for Primse Minister? Unless there is a huge change in the political arena, otherwise it will take long time for this change to happen.

So vote for change for freedome and equalness. I wanted a change, but prefer the change to be decide by people, not by grapping MPs from other side of the house. I don't think this is democracy. If PR is serious about change, let work hard during this 4 years, then people will vote for you for change for better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Airport Express in GZ Baiyun Aiport

There are some buses from GZ Airport to down town. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LCD TV Comparison

Compare Samsung 32 and 46 " - LA46A650A1R Series 6 and LA32A650A1R Series 6

1. S-video - 46" don't have, may be S-Video is the past.

2. Headphone - 46" don't have, surpirse.

Enthernet port - once got this can directly connect the network cable and the TV can go internet. Samsung LN52A650 , offer this feature. But apparently cannot find this model in Malaysia. Not sure why? The one offer in samsung malaysia was LA52A650A1R, which did not support Enther port.

Samsung IPTV , apparently just arrive in Singapore and not yet in Malaysia. I think the key is the enthernet port, once got this, then can hook on the internet.

Samsung Series 7 LCD will support the internet connectivity. But when this series will be in KL?

updated 20081127

Compare Series 7 [ LA46A750R1R ] and 8 [ LA46A850S1R ]

. basically the are similar, just that series is slimer.

. input/output - for series 8, it only available at side not at back.

. slim - infact there is only 20mm slimmer for series 8. weight for slim model is 20 and for series 7 is 30kg.

Compare to Series 6, what series 6 don't have

. iDTV

.content library

.multi room viewing

.contrast is 70,000 for series 7 , series 6 is 50,000

.info live - connect to internet for news, weather etc

But Series 6 got

. energy saving (240W) for Series 6, series 7 and 8, not avaiable.

. down firing speaker did not mentioned available for series 7 and 8

Monday, September 08, 2008

LImited Connectivity

Problem - when try to connect to wireless, got this message that Limited Connectivity


1. do ipconfig/all, then try to ping the ip and see it work?

2. disable the ipv6

3. This is due the wireless did not provide the IP to your computer, found this in yahoo answer, hence IP need to be assigned manually.  How to enter IP, see here

Miscrosoft resolution on this issue, by disable the DHCP.

Managet to solved the problem, it is due to the user name type. the usernam suppose to have @streamyx but not  Apparently streamyx is not so smart, even though the user name wrong it is still able to be connected. By right it should show connection failed. This the the solution for connecting to streamyx via dell.

updated 20090215
Now after restore the window in dell back to factory image, the limited access for wireless is back. I thought I documented it down, apparently this is for direct connect to streamyx, not wireless. Need to research again.

tried the manual  ip then the wireless work, in order to get the ip, do the wireless connection, then go to cmd, do ipconfig/all. get the ip information from here.

Baby Fan

Due to the ceiling is very low, basically if you stretch your hand up, there will be a bout one ft leave, hence need to find a ceiling with as short as possible neck.

There are basically 2 types of ceiling to narrow down the search, wich is Panasonic or KDK.

Found this KDK A11YS, look not bad, but not cheap. From ceiling to the lowest point of fan is about 261mm, less then one ft. Look good. The price is not cheap, RM 349.00. More expensive then the normal fan, which is about RM 265.00. I wondor why, smaller fan lesser materials, how come more expensive??

As for Panasonic found this, F-M14E8, from the top to the blade about 20cm.

But KDK design look better, now just need to find a place where can get it for cheaper price. Will need to check it out.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Found this Q&A in the chinese website about the source of my surname

出自子姓,以封地命姓。春秋时,宋国有一员猛将叫南宫长万,在攻打鲁国时被俘,鲁庄公把他囚禁在后宫中,几个月后才把他放回宋国。公元前682年秋的一 天,宋闵公同南宫长万在后宫博戏(古代的一种赌局),闵公的宠姬也在旁边观看。长万看着她们说:"还是鲁宫的美女漂亮,天下诸侯没有比做鲁君更快活的 了!"闵公一向以这几个姬妾的姿色自矜,听了这话很不高兴,就嘲笑长万说:"像你这种当俘虏的人怎么懂得美不美呢?"这一下触到了南宫长万的痛处,他顿时 恼羞成怒,一拳就把闵公打死了。接着他又杀死大夫仇牧和太宰华督,另立公子游为君。宋国公子纷纷逃往萧邑(今安徽萧县)。萧邑大夫是宋国始祖微子启的后 裔,名叫大心,他把这些公族子弟及他们的随从聚合起来组成一支军队,又到曹国请来援军,逐杀了南宫长万及其同党,平息了这次内乱。闵公的弟弟宋桓公即位 后,把大心封在萧为附属国,称为萧叔。萧国后来被楚国所灭,大心的后世子孙遂以封地命姓,称萧姓。

Monday, September 01, 2008

Nintendo Store and Price

1) Nintendo Official Counter, Jusco, Mid Valley; - 26/Sep/2007;

02) Best Denki, 1Utama; - 06/Oct/2007;
- 1 Wii Console (NTSC/US version)
- 1 Wii Remote
- 1 Nunchuk
- 1 Sensor Bar
- 1 Wii Console Stand
- 1 Wii AV Cable
- 1 official Wii AC 220V Adapter
- Wii Sports (game) included

03) Toys'R'Us, Mid Valley; - 11/Oct/2007;
- 1 Extra Wii Remote
- 2 free games (Metal Slug+Shrek) sweat.gif

04) Best Denki, Mid Valley; - 10/Oct/2007;

05) Nintendo Official Counter, Jusco, Queensbay Mall; - 05/Nov/2007;

06) Best Denki, Berjaya Time Square; - 10/Jan/2008;
- 1 Extra Nunchuk


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mas Office Directory

Here is the information for MAS Airline Office Directory.

MAS Office Directory

MAS Airline Guangzhou
Shop M04-05 Garden Hotel,
368 Huanshi Dong Lu Road
510064 Guangzhou
People's Republic of China

Direct line: 86 20 833 58828/38/

Garden Hotel: 86 20 833 38989 EXT 3286

86 20 833 58868/
86 20 833 38999 EXT 226
86 20 836 52699
86 20 838 48845

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Good Singer

this is first time i see an amateur sing so well...


Watch your interview session here
Some remarks I would like to make, you can ignore me anyway, because I am not from Subang, I am from Cheras anyway.

I am particular catch by the service center issue you mentioned. Ya the computer service is a bit too much, may some education is needed to set the expectation right. But another one is the Syabas issues.
I have the same experience many years ago when I go into the service center for Tan Chai Hoe in Cheras, I was having some issue with my house purchase, where the developer refuse to pay full LAD. Then the answer I got from them, please go to the correct government department to sort this out. Of course I am going to that department, then I would have gone, and not drop by at your office and seek help. I did not say much, just walk out, of course I am not even see Tan Chai Hoe there, just some person working there. My expectation is at least they try to make some call to link me to the right department or get a name of the right department to listen to my case, I believe with their name, they will be able to get somebody from the department to listen to me as least. Later, I visit the Housing Department that time I think is Ong Ka Ting, I manage to see his Press Assistant, cannot remember his name, but I remember after a few year, this guy is the MP for Kulim, now not sure. This guy is not bad, immediately he call up the developer, and ask to talk to the person in charge and ask about my case. Of course nothing can be done, then later he ask me to talk to the lawyer, I think at that time, Ong Ka Ting set up some legal assistant prior the setting up of the Housing Tribunal. Then I talk to the lawyer, and open up and file with the department etc. Of course cannot get thing solved, until I need to hire my own lawyer to fight back and get back the full amount of LAD.

My point here is, when a street person like me visited the service center, they do expect some help. By telling them that this is not my responsibility is totally no acceptable for certain case (of course I mean the computer case is out la). My perception of service center, is there is a lot of contact number and person, where is ready available if you still don't have this, better get your self ready. By just giving a call to Syabas for example, you are really give people the impression that you are trying to help, and you can help link the person to a person (of course management person) in Syabas and can ask the person to follow up. I still believe that a call from MP is making much more strong impact then a call from a layman.

By telling the person that this is not the place and please go to that place directly will definitely sink the person heart, like my visit to Tan Chai Hoe office.

I still admire this politician, Lee Lam Thye. Whenever he receive a complaint, there is a typewriter ready in his car, even thought I never experience this kind of service before and my story here is purely based on news paper long time ago, that it create that kind of impact to me that this man is really wanted to help.

A simple gesture like helping these people write a simple letter to the concerning department, will show your concern to people in your constituent.

Just my 2 cents.

Friday, July 25, 2008



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fish Pond Filter Section Holes

Make these holes for the filter section wall.

(a) first filter hole - about 6 inches below water level
(b) Third filter/ chamber - about 6 inches below water level - for extra pump to pump water from filter to pond (contingency)
(c) Third chamber - in the middle for wiring./ air hose etc (contingency)

(a) the first is to put a surface skimmer on the main pond and the flow is into the first chamber
(b) Second is for another pump in the event your pump for waterfall does not give enough volume to turn around the water cycle in 1 hour
(c) third is to facilitate wirings/ air hose if necessary whcih u can have it mid way or above the water level. Pls note if mid way, u may have to get some rubber sealant to protect water to flow into the last its only meant to facilitate wiring/ air hose or if u use uni ring, this is where the hose can go through since u didnt do any upfront.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nasi Lemak At Mas Enrich

I love enrich now, every time I take MH I can go to Enrich Lounge, and enjoy my Nasi Lemak ..wah lau very this is the only reason I love MAS..besides their in flight food is suck..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Values

Muslim are not permit or allow to watch the temple concert, so please put something to block it up to prevent Muslim to seeing it accidentally.

I remember I watch a you tube on how to train the dog. There is a person pretend to be a bad person, try to attack the dog, but without the owner instruction the dog basically doing nothing. Well trained.

If a person have a strong uphold on his religions, then law will not be needed to "FORCE" a person to do something which is consider as not clean or sinful for the person. Is like I put a nice fish at a plate and ask the cat, please don't eat.

You can see in this country, many religious practice are force, of course not all, religion should be something free, and it is a human right for a person to practice or not practice a religion. You can see very clearly, every time during Puasa, there we officials walking around try to find Muslim eating in public place. If a person hold a strong belief in his/her religion, why he not stick the religion practice and eat in public place even though they know it is puasa period.

When I was in Pakistan, there is a TV religion program, and not only talking about Islam, they are program preaching the Christianity. So will the Pakistan government or Islamic department announce to the Muslim in the country, please block away these channel or switch off the TV during these period, because there are some TV program which you not suppose to watch. I feel more religion freedom in Pakistan then Malaysia.

So it go back to root of the problem, which the religion teaching need to be enhance and not the enforcement of religion law. If the root is strong, no matter typhoon Feng Shen or Catrina, will not blow you away.

Candida Research

Candida was identified by American Physician during 70s.

From the Wiki, it define as a kind of yeast or lay man term as fungus. Chances of getting is 0% women, 20% men and 20% children, according to National Candida Society.


Could cause the cyst formation as well accoridng to national candida society.

1. Stress could be one of the cause of candida as well.
2. This type of fungus normally exist in the body, giving certain circumstance it take the opportunity to growth, according to Candida Digest.

Interview with Christine Tomlinson PhD, reveal an interesting cause where due to internal irregularity, basically when body is weak, these fungus take the opportunity to growth. Stress can be one of the contributor as well, another factor is over dos of antibiotic. Christine also called this as internal imbalance.

the cause of Candida also multifactorial , meaning there are many reason for it and it is varies from person to person.


Normally taking anti fungus will be able to remove it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ovarian Cyst Research

Here is a good definition for cyst as a sac of fluid filled. Specifically for ovarian cyst, it form in order to hold the egg and will disappear after release the egg. This is called functional cyst, as it was created with a function to hold the egg, release it and disappear.

Wiki define Ovarian Cyst as collection of fluid with thin wall within the ovary.

My wife actually have the symptoms of vomiting, gain weight and back pain. These symptom also written in Wiki.

Healthy lifestyle also mentioned the birth controlled pill can prevent the cyst formation, This also make sense as for functional cyst, as of if this pill is taken, then there will be no egg is form hence cyst will not be form.

Basically two type, either monitor via ultrasound screening, if the cyst remain big, then operation will be needed. Strangle, there is no remedies from medical point of point, except to do surgery to remove it. But there are so many commercial product which claim can help as below.

Birth Control Pill, can be used to prevent the egg formation hence can reduce the cyst formation.

Native Remedies recommend Dong Quai (Chinese herb) can help. This is typical Chinese herb which normally don' t have the medical proven fact to show. It always like old people said it work, then we need to follow.

Cellfood, another recommendation from a relative who took it and it help. This one, even after I read the web, still cannot under how this supplement work. It basically make use of oxygen, something like rejuvenate or anti-ageing supplement. Not very convince.

Wiki claim that 95% of cyst are not cancerous. In order to know if the cyst is cancerous, need to conduct a blood test for CA125. CA125 blood test also is a method to identify ovarian cyst cancer proposed by UK Cancer Research. But it is not a good test for ovarian cyst cancer. So what is the best can be done to confirm if one got the ovarian cancer? I would say a better way to proof if it is a cancer is doing Laparoscopy, where a specimen is take for analysis.

Monday, July 07, 2008

My Funny Water Tank Pipe

I thought they are kidding, but after confirm with my contractor again, he said it look like this. I cannot believe how can the pipe look like this??

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Google STOP Code for Blue screen

When searching for a STOP error in Google, the following method will maximize the search effectivness:

  • In the search field, type +Stop and then enter the first set of numbers in the stop error message. For example, if the stop code were 0x0000007b, the best search phrase would be as below: +Stop 0x0000007b
  • If any file names appear in the first three lines of the STOP error, add those to the search field.
  • If that does not return relevant results, progressively refine your search by adding the rest of the numbers from the STOP error code from left to right.
  • If you still do not get good results, start over from the top of this list, omitting +.

Fish Pond Pump

I'm Tan here. I'm a professional pond builder based in KL. Regarding good and reliable water pumps, i would suggest that you use Tsurumi 40PU2.15S. VERY VERY RELIABLE AND LOW POWER CONSUMPTION! Only 150WATTS!

It is very low in maintenance as well. FULLY MADE IN JAPAN. For any enquiries please give me a call 012-2866926 or email me at

Life is fuck


Hate and Love

Sometimes I hate politics, because it wasted resources to play all these games and doing nothing to benefit peoples. Another case of sodomy, this will definitely not benefit rakyat. Why can't these politician really start working and serve the people instead...

Good Fish Pond Advice

There are several reasons why your pond gets dirty.

If the water turns green, generally that means your pond is exposed to too much sunlight, if it is a geographical limitation then there is generally little things you could do about it. It is the algae, and anything that kills the algae also kills the fish in there. Rare a few catfish (called longkang/bandaraya fish) A healthy pond must not be exposed to sunlight more than 2 hours a day, 3 if it is a large pond and even then preferably morning sun. Direct evening sunlight is a sure way to have an algae problem. Placing some tall potted plants at the edge of the pond is a quick and easy way to fix the problem of extreme direct sunlight, else a pergola with some vine type plants will also do the trick.

The other reason is also due to the materials you used to make the pond. Stone or ceramic based ponds attract far more algae growth. Fibreglass or bitumen liner is the better material to construct the pond. Though it does not mean that there will be no algae growth, it just means that the algae does not get to stick on the surface and the constant recirculation of the water will trap the algae within the filters.

If you have fish and the pond is smelly or murky. The main culprit for the water going murky is over feeding. Try using an automatic feeder and feed the fish smaller amounts 3-4 times a day instead of a 1 or 2 big feeding sessions per day. If it is a koi pond, that feeding should only take place every other day on the same 3-4 times rather than a large feast each time.

The rest is all about the filters, a real filter will have at least 4 chambers and 3-4 different medias. On a 4 chamber box, the first chamber should be wool, it will filter out the excess foods and also the algaes. The second chamber should be ceramics, this will help to absorb the fishy smell as a result of the slimy discharge from the fish. The next should be a finer wool, it will trap junk that does not get trapped like the faeces from the fish and the final chamber is charcoal filters, this one removes the smell from everything in the pond.
The filters should be cleaned at least once a week and replaced every quarter.

Some other things to note, the water pump needs to be powerful. Suppossing your pond is 1000l then the bare minimum power capacity of the pump needs to be 1000l per hour. 1200l/hour would be better.

Fish that has better supply of oxygen tend to release less smells. Recirculating the water more tends to bring better oxygenation.

When feeding time, a sure way to ensure your water stays cleaner and your fish eats more is to shut off the water pumps and switch to an air pump while the feeding is in progress. This way their foods does not get trapped within the filters.

Changing of water, every 7 days remove 1/3 of the water and replace with new fresh water. Once every 28 days remove 2/3 of the water and replace with new.
Every quarter should the need arise, drain the entire pond and scrub the scums away. Not difficult at all. This step is not recommended unless it is really necessary.


How to lay lawn

1. scrap away a layer of 3" of the existing bad soil (& other constrcution materials, if it's a new house)

2. lay 2" thick of good soil (for holding nutrients)

3. then lay 1" thick of sand (for rooting & aeration)

4. then lay the carpet grass

5. then compress firmly to the ground

6. then apply a thin layer of fine sand to fill the gaps

7. and water 2 times daily (morning & afternoon)

8. and apply a little fertilizer (urea or NPK 15:15:15) monthly

and you'll have a great lawn with minimum maintenance for years to come.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hate and Love

Sometimes I hate politics, because it wasted resources to play all these games and doing nothing to benefit peoples. Another case of sodomy, this will definitely not benefit rakyat. Why can't these politician really start working and serve the people instead...

Hate and Love

Sometimes I hate politics, because it wasted resources to play all these games and doing nothing to benefit peoples. Another case of sodomy, this will definitely not benefit rakyat. Why can't these politician really start working and serve the people instead...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Nasi Lemak At Mas Enrich

I love enrich now, every time I take MH I can go to Enrich Lounge, and enjoy my Nasi Lemak ..wah lau very this is the only reason I love MAS..besides their in flight food is suck..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nasi Lemak At Mas Enrich

I love enrich now, every time I take MH I can go to Enrich Lounge, and enjoy my Nasi Lemak ..wah lau very this is the only reason I love MAS..besides their in flight food is suck..

Monday, June 02, 2008

Land Transportation

Last two weeks travel from GZ to a small town in Zhong Shan called Siu Lan, basically try to buy the Clipsal switches for my new house. Until now I still impressed with GZ bus terminal as compare to KL Pudu. About a month ago, sending my mum back to Kedan via Pudu. As usual she don't want to buy the ticket in advance and always believe there are plenty of bus avaible for her to go back to Pendang. End up there were no buses available, at least from the big and reknown company such as Tran National, Sri Maju etc, then there is this guy shouted for ticket available immediately to Alor Star, then no choice have to grab. Cu the long story short, the bus ticket was sold at 130pm, and it was delay to 4pm, and worst is this a Bus Sekolah (orange color bus), WCY something cannot remember. I think most probaly is illiegal bus. Shits, if not because I have 2 kids with me and it is my mum, I would have report to police on this scam.

it has been almost 2o years I know Pudu bus terminal, and there are no significant improvement. Worst is I cannot beleive that GZ bus terminal is ten times better then Pudu. There never be scam, as of bus ticket is centrlised, there is no individual selling ticket. Polution management,at least for passenger is much better the Pudu, where you need to go down stair to take the bus. Basically it is full of CO2 at down stair as the bus keep the engine running. May be the gas still cheap, because these guy still can afford to keep the engine running all the time.