Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Almost every day we can read the news regarding races, 30% bumi in corporate, NST, road name in other langauge, Malaysiakini etc. 

I think Malay are so not confident, that every day they need to worry that one day Bahasa Melayu or Malay will get marginalised. 

We don't have time to think of how we can proceed further from now, something values added that can enhance the country economy. Most of the debate in parliment is about races. Alot of time is wasted.

Anti Discrimiation

This morning when had breakfast, there is a Chinese News on the TV screen. Surprise to see the news in chinese and on the screen you cannot see any non chinese word except the pinyin of the news channel - xinwen (news in chinese pinyin).

Amaze that with minimun of the chinese population here, and they are enjoying huge democracy. The MP manage to get the anti discrimation bill thru the parlilment house. This will be a big bonus for the minority.

I doubt Malaysia chinese politician as such MCA or Gerakan, will manage to do the same.


To my surprise Jakarta have a very good taxi company called bluebird, Bluebird taxi pak.  I have no difficulty to get tax even though the traffic jam in Jakarta is very bad. I think worst then KL. May be the city itself is huge, have some element of China city, where you can see a long straight main road, full of cars. One this is the public transport, I mean buses and metro, are basically not up to mark in term of service level. The buses are old and without air con. KL and GZ are far more ahead on this.

KL taxi still got alot of room for improvement especially these taxi in the down town or near the LRT station. My personal experience at BTS station, basically you need to wait for at least 30 mins for the taxi.