Monday, September 24, 2007


Work of so called Mat Rempit. 23/SEP/2007

Finally I got the fell of the crime or so called Mat Rempit gang, I am not sure is them. But I have no doubt this is them. Went to bed quite early as of need to catch the plane next morning also kids need to go to school. At about 11pm, suddently there is a big bang sound from the street in front, i rush to the window, saw a white shirt guy flash pass on the motorbike. Did not see any funny. Then my wife went down stair, not sure why she got this instict, may be some previous experience. Bingo! you got it, my Waja was dented, there is about 6" perimeter. Some debris of stone on the floor. Obvious, there is a Wira park just beside my Waja, and it is save and sound, without a single point loss of paint. It is my Malay neighbor. My the other unfortunate neighbor, obviously is Chinese, their Honda Aircord, Toyota Vious and Toyota Altis, I did not see it from near, but I beleive it would be worst then my Waja. In the her hand, was holding a square building block which I believe has been used for the throwing. Asked my wife to called Police to make a report. Interestingly, the response was since there is no one capture etc, basically there is no evident la..hence no case. The police guy also inform us there is another case nearby, not with stone but with fire cracker. Funny thing, they are still sitting in the office with the aircon and doing nothing, not event show face. May be is puasa month la, thing a bit slow.

I think that's, this will drive my decision to move to Alam Damai, which I perceive to be safer place at least for now. Yet to know until really live in. Finger cross for Alam Damai, at least there is a share security guard around the entrance.