Monday, July 30, 2007

On Time Fly

Wing of MAS airplane..2007

Soon this word will be history forever. Nowaday, it is very difficult to get MAS to fly on time. Today, surprisingly, 915am, it is already final call for the MH376, I thougth this time will be on time and can reach GZ before 2pm. Went on board, got the news paper, typical kiasu, got both English and Chinese news paper. Went to sleep, at least try to, but failed badly. I have this kids, speak an excellent British English, nice to hear, but I got irritated, make me cannot sleep. Ok, back to the delay thing. Then the captain announced, due to some delay in preparing the ground paper work, there will be a slight delay of 15 mins. I thinking, ok, never mind, 15 mins not a big deal. Then ok, after a while the plane moved, so I beleive the paper work done. I can feel it was rain. But before that, in the first place, what on earch the paper work cannot get prepare much more early, since the flight is a scheduled flight not an adhoc flight. Anyway, this is what Patrick always said, Boleh land!! Then the plane stop, and come the captain make some annoucement again. Due to busy Monday and there is only one landing and take-off lane available, what a world class KLIA which only have one lane for take-off and landing, we are no.4 in the queue. Hence there is another delay. Anyway, I loss confident of arriving in GZ before 2pm.

Learning point:-
1. Formula 1 - why can't they learn from formula 1 best practice, look at these guy at the pit stop, it took seconds to get thing done. Well prepared and welll known ahead what need to be done.

Friday, July 27, 2007

3rd World Taxi Services

Bukit Tinngi May 01, 2007. Paiting the car.

I have no idea why they have to tell the taxi driver where they wanted to go, why not just go straight into the rear seat and ask the taxi driver go wherever he/she wanted go.

Sometimes I find that it is much more better in China, at least GZ as of I am now. I never have problem with the taxi so far, except once, when I was in Holiday Inn, where there is one taxi driver refuse to take me, not sure he pretend don't know the place or prefer to take someone who go further, as of if he take me, there will about RMB25 fare.

Why our taxu driver have this mentality. I experience, once, hop into the taxi, I think he is Chinese, ask me where to go, Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras. Then he replied," Sorry, change shift, cannot go there, sorry.!". I think this is bullshit. If you are changing shift then just go back, and where on earch there is a shift at about 8pm. Really piss off, slap the door and he speed off.

Don't there any number that we can call to complaints. Anway, I doubt, if there is any, when called, will there any response? That is another story.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MAS Overbook

Little princess manja....2007

Again!! I got one lsat year of one of my flyback to HK also on Sunday, it look like there is a trend to make this happen on Sunday outbound from KLIA. Have the similar feeling, why they did not call you up before you come to KLIA, which is about one hours by taxi, then at least you just change to next day fly. The reason given, they cannot do this, as of it will not be fare, it is first come first serve basis. So whoever turn up early will get the seat.

This is a bad part. Good part, I got to claim one night stay at KL Central new hotel, what is the name already - Meridian...of course MAS paid for a transportation back to KL and to KLIA again the next day and one free dinner at the hotel.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Annual Haze

Jan 2007 Beijing Forbiden City - this is a amzing place, this really give an impression of King Palace, the place is huge and of course China is a place of "people mountain people sea". Jan in Beijing is damn cold.

Amazing this kind of thing can be repeated every year and there is not much afford taken or better to be said there is no decisive action taken to solve it once and for all.

My whole family is not well. Girl is having cough, and it is bad during night time. I was slept with her in the guest room, until she was cough and womitted, the bed is dirty. Go back to the master bed room. Josh and Jon is fever, infact all 3 are having fever.

I think this planet earth is pretty or very sick now aday. Here in the city of twen tower there is this haze problem, back to Guangzhou, there is the air pollution due to the over heated booming development.

(This is the part which is missing after the line down and I was try to save and publish). Move the so called air filter, hope it work hard this time to clean up the shits in the air.

Amazingly, just now when in the plane before landing, can see clearly that there is a big problem of haze. I wonder why these people still cannot smell, see or feel that there air is already bad, and there is still some thick smoke floating to the already hazy sky due these irresponsible people who are doing their "work" of open fire burning around the KLIA green lung. Real Idiots.

F**K, stupid ISDN, cut off just like that, lucky this blogger is pertty smart, I don't need to re-enter all over again, it was automatically save as draft copy. I am really sick of this Vision 2020 and MSC stuff. Almost eight years I live in this area, which is 20 minutes to twin tower, once the world tallest building, if there is no jam of course, and I still cannot the broadband service which monoplised by this so called GLC.

Not again, the line is down again...I think I give up and better go back to a sleep in this hazy night.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MAS Monday Havoc July 2, 2007

As usual, I stepped out from my house at 730am and my usual taxi driver Aziz's LCCT red-white taxi already waiting outside. Everything was smooth and I arrive at KLIA safely. Due to I am having Enrich Silver, I have the priveleage to check-in at the business classs counter. Normally even thought is Monday, there is only a couple of people at the couter checking-in. But today, as usual my flyback Monday, the queue was long, there are about 5 people at each queue. It is already 830am, my flight was 935am. So it is still fine, I still got one hour to go. I thought there is some convention some where in the world that's why so many people travel. Then I notice there is a notice, A4 paper, I suspect there must be something going on. Then I go nearer to read the text there. Wonderful, they are cut over to the new system. What a Monday. Don't MAS people know that, at least from their history, Monday is the most busier day of the week, many business people or money slave will be travelling around the world working for money. What on earth they are cutting over to the new system on Monday. Even worst, I only see one person, I persume he is the IT guy, at least I can see the IBM logo on his grey color shirt besides then the MAS logo. Imagine, this guy have to running around of about ten counters. I have no ideas what happen to the guy in front of me, it took him about 20 minutes to check in. Actually most of the time waiting, the checking MAS fler look stressed and cannot do anything, try to call for help from other fler and the IT guy seem busy with other guy. Finally my turn after waited for enough time for the flers in front of me, even though I try to cut in, but was rejected by the MAS flers, told to wait. It was already 905am, by the time I got my boarding pass.

Learning - never cut over system on Monday, especially when it is a peak Monday.