Friday, July 27, 2007

3rd World Taxi Services

Bukit Tinngi May 01, 2007. Paiting the car.

I have no idea why they have to tell the taxi driver where they wanted to go, why not just go straight into the rear seat and ask the taxi driver go wherever he/she wanted go.

Sometimes I find that it is much more better in China, at least GZ as of I am now. I never have problem with the taxi so far, except once, when I was in Holiday Inn, where there is one taxi driver refuse to take me, not sure he pretend don't know the place or prefer to take someone who go further, as of if he take me, there will about RMB25 fare.

Why our taxu driver have this mentality. I experience, once, hop into the taxi, I think he is Chinese, ask me where to go, Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras. Then he replied," Sorry, change shift, cannot go there, sorry.!". I think this is bullshit. If you are changing shift then just go back, and where on earch there is a shift at about 8pm. Really piss off, slap the door and he speed off.

Don't there any number that we can call to complaints. Anway, I doubt, if there is any, when called, will there any response? That is another story.

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