Monday, July 30, 2007

On Time Fly

Wing of MAS airplane..2007

Soon this word will be history forever. Nowaday, it is very difficult to get MAS to fly on time. Today, surprisingly, 915am, it is already final call for the MH376, I thougth this time will be on time and can reach GZ before 2pm. Went on board, got the news paper, typical kiasu, got both English and Chinese news paper. Went to sleep, at least try to, but failed badly. I have this kids, speak an excellent British English, nice to hear, but I got irritated, make me cannot sleep. Ok, back to the delay thing. Then the captain announced, due to some delay in preparing the ground paper work, there will be a slight delay of 15 mins. I thinking, ok, never mind, 15 mins not a big deal. Then ok, after a while the plane moved, so I beleive the paper work done. I can feel it was rain. But before that, in the first place, what on earch the paper work cannot get prepare much more early, since the flight is a scheduled flight not an adhoc flight. Anyway, this is what Patrick always said, Boleh land!! Then the plane stop, and come the captain make some annoucement again. Due to busy Monday and there is only one landing and take-off lane available, what a world class KLIA which only have one lane for take-off and landing, we are no.4 in the queue. Hence there is another delay. Anyway, I loss confident of arriving in GZ before 2pm.

Learning point:-
1. Formula 1 - why can't they learn from formula 1 best practice, look at these guy at the pit stop, it took seconds to get thing done. Well prepared and welll known ahead what need to be done.

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