Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MAS Monday Havoc July 2, 2007

As usual, I stepped out from my house at 730am and my usual taxi driver Aziz's LCCT red-white taxi already waiting outside. Everything was smooth and I arrive at KLIA safely. Due to I am having Enrich Silver, I have the priveleage to check-in at the business classs counter. Normally even thought is Monday, there is only a couple of people at the couter checking-in. But today, as usual my flyback Monday, the queue was long, there are about 5 people at each queue. It is already 830am, my flight was 935am. So it is still fine, I still got one hour to go. I thought there is some convention some where in the world that's why so many people travel. Then I notice there is a notice, A4 paper, I suspect there must be something going on. Then I go nearer to read the text there. Wonderful, they are cut over to the new system. What a Monday. Don't MAS people know that, at least from their history, Monday is the most busier day of the week, many business people or money slave will be travelling around the world working for money. What on earth they are cutting over to the new system on Monday. Even worst, I only see one person, I persume he is the IT guy, at least I can see the IBM logo on his grey color shirt besides then the MAS logo. Imagine, this guy have to running around of about ten counters. I have no ideas what happen to the guy in front of me, it took him about 20 minutes to check in. Actually most of the time waiting, the checking MAS fler look stressed and cannot do anything, try to call for help from other fler and the IT guy seem busy with other guy. Finally my turn after waited for enough time for the flers in front of me, even though I try to cut in, but was rejected by the MAS flers, told to wait. It was already 905am, by the time I got my boarding pass.

Learning - never cut over system on Monday, especially when it is a peak Monday.

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