Tuesday, December 23, 2008

D-Link Wireless setup

1. Off PC, Modem and Wireless router

2. Plug in the network cable - phone line to modem, modem network cable to router

WAN port then router network port to PC network port.

3. On all PC, modem and Router

4. Reset the Router - use pen to press the reset button, you can feel there is some button is pressed, press for about 10 seconds, then notice that the light will be running, this show that the reset is successful.

5. Login router via IE with IP -

- id :

- password:

by default the initial id = admin and the password is (blank).

note - first time login the password is (blank), but after setup you are ask to enter the password and after then when login with admin username need to use the password, which is not blank anymore. you can maintain the new id and password in the Maintenance section.

6. Internet Setup - setup the internet connection via the wizard, enter thing

like streamyx id and password, use static IP etc

- internet connection = PPPoE

- Addess Mode - Dynamic IP

7. Wireless setup - enter thing like wireless name, WPA wireless, password etc.

updated 20090702 suddently the wireless did not work..

play around withe Security Mode and Cipher Type then it work..strange..

can check out how to setup the wireless here..

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