Monday, December 15, 2008

PC Spec wanted to buy DEC 2008

updated 20090511 - now only realisd my PC don't have the 1394 port, I cannot use my WD Pass Book...shits..need to buy the cable or the card..

processor = intel E8400 ps: dont take too low end one..u wil regret..

ram = 2g ram ,one g rm65 here(note : it depend on your motherboard..if u take p5gc-mx .max is 1g X 2 = 2g..u ned to ask the fellowz normaly

motherboard = asus P5KPL-AM rm190 here..try to take asus..coz three years warraty..

power supply = acbel 390watt i got here rm125(coz life time warraty..rmb..dont take the cap palang brand one...either enermax, themaltake, delta bla bla bla..y? coz later your whole pc wil fry if take capalang one)

casing = take watever also la

rom = try take pioneer (sata one not IDE..<100>

video card = u wan or not also nvm one.. your motherboard got intergrated graphic adi ..can adi la for kid to play..

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