Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Values

Muslim are not permit or allow to watch the temple concert, so please put something to block it up to prevent Muslim to seeing it accidentally.

I remember I watch a you tube on how to train the dog. There is a person pretend to be a bad person, try to attack the dog, but without the owner instruction the dog basically doing nothing. Well trained.

If a person have a strong uphold on his religions, then law will not be needed to "FORCE" a person to do something which is consider as not clean or sinful for the person. Is like I put a nice fish at a plate and ask the cat, please don't eat.

You can see in this country, many religious practice are force, of course not all, religion should be something free, and it is a human right for a person to practice or not practice a religion. You can see very clearly, every time during Puasa, there we officials walking around try to find Muslim eating in public place. If a person hold a strong belief in his/her religion, why he not stick the religion practice and eat in public place even though they know it is puasa period.

When I was in Pakistan, there is a TV religion program, and not only talking about Islam, they are program preaching the Christianity. So will the Pakistan government or Islamic department announce to the Muslim in the country, please block away these channel or switch off the TV during these period, because there are some TV program which you not suppose to watch. I feel more religion freedom in Pakistan then Malaysia.

So it go back to root of the problem, which the religion teaching need to be enhance and not the enforcement of religion law. If the root is strong, no matter typhoon Feng Shen or Catrina, will not blow you away.

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