Monday, September 08, 2008

LImited Connectivity

Problem - when try to connect to wireless, got this message that Limited Connectivity


1. do ipconfig/all, then try to ping the ip and see it work?

2. disable the ipv6

3. This is due the wireless did not provide the IP to your computer, found this in yahoo answer, hence IP need to be assigned manually.  How to enter IP, see here

Miscrosoft resolution on this issue, by disable the DHCP.

Managet to solved the problem, it is due to the user name type. the usernam suppose to have @streamyx but not  Apparently streamyx is not so smart, even though the user name wrong it is still able to be connected. By right it should show connection failed. This the the solution for connecting to streamyx via dell.

updated 20090215
Now after restore the window in dell back to factory image, the limited access for wireless is back. I thought I documented it down, apparently this is for direct connect to streamyx, not wireless. Need to research again.

tried the manual  ip then the wireless work, in order to get the ip, do the wireless connection, then go to cmd, do ipconfig/all. get the ip information from here.

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