Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 Ways to Pretend You’re Working

from linked-in..

1. Type loudly on your keyboard with a steady rhythm

2. Hunch over your keyboard like you're really concentrating

3. Automate email sending (especially late at night)

4. Make conference calls to the Time of Day service

5. Get in early - but to check your Facebook!

6. Put on expressions of worry, anxiety and stress

7. Look up to the ceiling like you're thinking and scratch your head at regular intervals

8. Walk around with pads of paper (like you're really busy and important!)

9. Scribble down your shopping list and other notes regularly (because you're clearly writing down important key notes from your meetings!)

10. Tap your fingers impatiently on your desk like you're waiting for a web page to load on your screen.

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