Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY Night Carol

Finally decided to drive at night one day before CNY first day, basically it is 30th day of Chinese Calendar. There are many cars, but at least not as jam as last year when I drove at day time. Therefore about 4 hours from KL to Pendang.

At about 8pm on 30th night, there is a group of people going house to house for the CNY carol, basically singing CNY songs. I think this is a very good community work or so call Rukun Tetangga. It has been there since I was kid and now still kicking good.

If this can be copy into city like KL will be great, where people don't even get to know their neighbor. This is also a good activity for kids as most of the member are kids age 9 to 15 and lead by some adult person.

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