Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Values

Good values is very difficult to find now aday in the big city. Still remember we were taught as one of the subject in the primary school, how to be a good boy, values such as need to queue, need to give seat to old people in the bus etc.

Today when I was talking a bus in Shenzhen, China, at one of the particular stop, there are more people get into the bus. Then there is an announcement saying something like - we are a good citizen, need to practice a good value, need to give seats to the needy as such old people, preganant person and child. Play it for 2 times.

I notice this is a very good practice by the bus operator. Sometime people especially young people just need to be reminded of these good values.It also can play a phycological effect when one hear it, sometime from the inner heart one could feel not so good if there are old people start there, this might remind them to give seat.

Also notice there are some banner, not the multi million billboard,which which used by one of the young chap in LDP to make his marriage proposal, to remind people of the good values such as please drive safely etc. It is simple and cost effective.

Why can't our local council such as what DBKL, MPPJ etc, promote these good values in out streets. Intead spend the time and money for the activities as such the dog killing, instead of killing the dog, they shot the public.

The longer I stay in China, the more I realised here especially in the city area, they do have some values and practice which we need to learn from. Sometimes think hard if this is a place to settle down, if not due to the education and medical system, I think I would have settle down in this country.

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