Tuesday, February 14, 2012


20120306 call them again, person talk name is Sukri, said wanted to pass me to acount deparment and said if line drop ask me to call again.not good.

2012022 - as usual promised to call last night but never called back..i would wish we have another Unify here to comptere so users will have better server

20120215  Registered online and book the date, but no one ever call me..it look like business is too good..they don't want new customer...called them, they said no record of my application...very good..i sit waiting for nothing...now they give me a report number 1-2086 0626 32 and i just submit another application...will see

20120216 waited 24 hours, no one call me, so i called them, waited for about 30 mins, and finaly someone told me that the portal is not working and he try to get the IT or portal person to help me. Ref number is 1-2090 121 996
For any further assistance, please contact us at the following :

Telephone :
1-300-88-1221 for UniFi customers
100 for TM Streamyx customers

Email :
unifi@tm.com.my for UniFi customers
help@tm.com.my for Streamyx customers

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