Sunday, July 22, 2012

Be Careful when in hotel lift - my experience today at One World Hotel

Be Careful when in hotel lift -  my experience today at One World Hotel
I managed to get RM10 for the car park from the hotel - we were supposed to tap the card at the exit barrier and not slot into the payment machine...and i felt really stupid at that time :-))) so they paid me reluctantly when I told the girl that she did not explain to me clearly!

Anyway, after getting the money from the reception, I pressed for the lift at the lobby and there was a Negro looking young man dressed in the traditional Malay gear with songkok  - he could easily passed off as one of the staff at the hotel . When I entered the lift, he also went in. I waited for him to press the button to his floor but he did not and just stood there as if waiting for me to slot in my key card.

I asked him which floor he was going to and he told me 8th floor. I told him that he has to press the 8th floor button himself (I was actually testing him to see if he was indeed a resident of the hotel and if he was a hotel staff, he  would have  pressed floors which the public could accessed) . He did not take his key card out   but just pressed the 8th floor button and obviously it did not register . I told him that he has to use his card key  to press the button but he claimed that he has 3 rooms on the 8th floor and his key cards  are all  in his room.

At that point of time, I quickly pressed the door open and said very loudly that he cannot go up without a key and when the door opened, he ran out.

Moral of the story esp those who are traveling alone - I usually don't slot in my card key first if I am alone with one or two guests in the lifts. I usually observe if everyone has a key cos you don't know who is really a guest and who is actually following you. When they don't press the button, I usually walk out of the lift.

In this case, if I had slotted in the card key and then pressed the button to my floor,  the lift would be moving and there is no way I could  escape if i had to. If he does not do anything in the lift, he could have followed me and get out at the same floor and forced me to open my room or even snatched the key from me while in the lift.

So please be careful when you are traveling and esp in the hotel. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had not been observant or being  a seasoned traveler usually I am on my guard all the time  and  by being alert of people around me.

The guy obviously had some plans in mind :-((

And today I am truly blessed that God was watching over me and protected me!

So please be careful everyone!

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