Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rebina plant

I thought this is really the rebina plant that was used to make the rebina drink, apparently it is not..

above Wilson shared that this is the substitute of the real rebina which is called Blackcurrant..

from the rebina uk website you can see the real rebina which is used to make the rebina drink, unfortunately it cannot be plant in the hot weather here..

the botanically name for "fake rebina is called - Hibiscus sabdariffa, see wiki below..

how to harvest the "'fake" rebina then? website below show how to process the rebina from the fruit to the drink, basically just boiled it and add sugar..wah la..that's..

but still the question is when is the best time to harvest or plug the fruit? the before and after flower of the fruit look about the same..

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