Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Weapon Against Cancer

This is for your personal health education - it is important to know
and do, if ever you need it. Remember, Chemotherapy and Radiation
kills the patient
 before the Cancer kills him.

This is a true fact - you can ask your friends who are doctors.
Doctors recommend Chemo and Radiation to others but will NEVER take
this road if they are a victim of Cancer!

Remember, long time ago, I was helping my good friend who had Nose
Cancer. I travelled with him all the way to Penang to search for cure.
Well, today he is still alive, has been free of Cancer for 6 years and
is now helping others who are in the same straits, through a NPC (Nasopharyngeal Cancer) organisation.

I met him last week and he said again - No need for Chemo and
Radiation. Got to believe a person who went to hell and came back
alive and well! And is now a helping others to survive Cancer.

He said you need three things to survive Cancer attack:

1.        Juice fresh Papaya leaves and stalk to drink.
2.        Boil Lemon grass and drink as water.
3.        Eat Apricot seeds to kill the Cancer cells.

He said Apricot seeds is nature's Chemotherapy. It is cheap and
natural. Chemo kills you - it kills everything - the collateral damage
is total. Apricot seeds which contain natural cyanide kills Cancer
without any collateral damage

I am going to eat Apricot seeds or boil them as in dessert.
With these three natural cures - Papaya leaves (or raw fuit), Lemon
Grass and Apricot Seeds, there is no need to FEAR CANCER!

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