Tuesday, April 30, 2013

14 Ways to have fun while learning

14 Ways to have fun while learning

I have a preschooler and this is how we have fun while learning:

1. Playing word games using magnetic letters of the alphabet. She learns three and four letter words with the colourful magnets.

2. Using colour chalks and black boards for writing and drawing. Holding the chalk and writing improves their motor skills.

3. Doing collage crafts using newspapers. Tearing and cutting newspaper improves the motor skills and kids will get to know about the colour combinations and try their best to be creative.

4. Reading books for at least 20 minutes a day. Kids get attracted to the colourful early reader books and try reading by themselves.

5. Learning about nature by playing/strolling in the play parks and visiting gardens, bird parks, zoos, insect parks and aquariums. Buying them flower pots and seeds and make them grow a plant by themselves is also a great and fun way to learn.

6. Taking my daughter grocery shopping and teaching her the basics of nutrition and involving her in making the salad dressing or mixing the fruits for salad can be great fun. Kids love to eat what they prepare.

7. While travelling, I ask her to read the number plates and sum up the numbers.

8. I teach her the value of money by buying things using her piggy bank savings.

9. Bed time stories are a great avenue to teach moral values.

10. Jumping, hopping and running around with the kids to promote physical activity. Play time is also good for parents' health and will strengthen the parent-child bond.

11. Watching a children's movie together and discussing it afterwards is a good way to teach kids about values and what is good or bad.

12. Take the kids to an orphange or old folks' home to teach them kindness and sharing.

13. Make them create and maintain a journal. It will reflect their thoughts and parents can get to know how and what the children think.

14. Listen to music together. Introduce them to different kinds of music. Music is therapeutic and will relax the mind.

Each kid is different and unique. As a parent,we need to nurture them and grow them into great citizens and individuals.

Happy parenting!

Vinodhini Rajendran

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