Tuesday, November 26, 2013

JPJ Change Vehicle Name Procedure


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Selected Article

Transfer of vehicle ownership is carried out under Section 13, Road Transport Ac 1987, where the State RD Direcor must be informed of any transfer of vehicle ownership within 7 days.
Required Documents:
  1. PRIVATE VEHICLE (Individual Privae Vehicle)
    1. 2 copies of Checklist Form TM-1 (Pind.1/2012); TM-2
    2. 2 copies of form JPJK3 that has been completed and signed by the new owner; Borang JPJ K3A
    3. Original Vehicle Endorsement Certificate (JPJK2);
    4. Copy of registered owner's and new owner's identification documents using TM-AB (if not present during submission of application) * for individual and sole proprietor company category only; TM-AB  
    5. Original and copy of identification document of representative (if application is submitted by representative).
    6. Letter/stub of ownership claim cancellation by the registered owner (other than e-Hakmilik);
    7. A valid Ownership Transfer Inspection Report by PUSPAKOM (www.puspakom.com.my) (other than motorcycles)

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