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how to rip from cd to mp3

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With the popularity of portable mp3 players, you're able to find mp3 files readily available. If you inserted a CD with mp3 files on it into a standard CD player, you would not hear anything. Similarly, if you tried to download a .wav file onto a personal mp3 player, you also would not hear anything. Because Windows comes on just about every PC computer, Windows Media Player is included. This is the program that is highlighted in this process, and you can learn how to copy audio tracks from a CD and convert them to mp3-formatted files by reading below the jump.


  1. Copy CD to MP3 Step 1.jpg
    Click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of your computer screen.
  2. Copy CD to MP3 Step 2.jpg
    Select "Programs" then "Windows Media Player."
  3. Copy CD to MP3 Step 3.jpg
    Click the "Tools" button from the menu bar once Windows Media Player opens.
  4. Copy CD to MP3 Step 4.jpg
    Hit the "Options" button.
  5. Copy CD to MP3 Step 5.jpg
    Go to the "Rip Music" tab.
  6. Copy CD to MP3 Step 6.jpg
    Designate where you would like the copied audio CD files to be saved. To change the storage location, click the "Change" button, and then use the folder tree to drill down to the folder in which you would like to store the audio files. Then click "OK."
  7. Copy CD to MP3 Step 7.jpg
    Click the down arrow on the right side of the drop-down box and select "mp3". By selecting mp3, when you copy your audio CD, you will automatically be copying the files in mp3 format. Click "OK."
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    Go to the "Rip" tab, and select "Rip CD Automatically When Inserted." Then click "Never." By clicking "never," the copying process will never automatically start.
  9. 9
    Insert the audio CD that you would like copy in the CD/ROM drive.
  10. Copy CD to MP3 Step 10.jpg
    Choose the tracks that you would like to copy as mp3-formatted files while you are on the "Rip" page.
  11. Copy CD to MP3 Step 11.jpg
    Click "Start Rip" in the bottom right corner of the "Rip" page. Once you click the "Start Rip" button, the rip status changes from pending to ripped to library as each track is successfully copied. This will take a few minutes for all the tracks to be copied.
  12. 12
    Verify that the files copied properly. Go to the folder that you designated as the storage location, and make sure that the extension of the files are mp3.
    • Once you have the files in mp3 format, you are free to listen the files on your computer, download the files to your mp3 player or burn them back to a CD.


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  • Computer running Windows

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