Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Recently had helped a friend to check  on some information on bankruptcy status in Malaysia. In Malaysia, when a person is declared bankrupt, he will not be allowed to travel outside of Malaysia (unless with permission from Direct General of Insolvency). So, one of the way to check on bankruptcy status in Malaysia will be through Malaysia Immigration Department.

You can click the link here from Immigration Department Malaysia. You will need the identification card (IC) number of that person. If a person is not allowed to travel to outside of Malaysia, there might be a possibility that he's in bankruptcy list. Bear in mind, there could be other reason as well such as blacklisted for not paying PTPTN study loan and etc.

But of course, the best way would be check through Malaysia Department of Insolvency (MdI). Through MdI, one can get a complete details of the bankruptcy info. You can get more info on MdI website here.

Hope the above helps.

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