Friday, March 27, 2009

Nilai Memorial Park Tour

Not everyday got a chance to go to these kind of place..Nilai Memories Park..

this is the standard double room, price is about RM55k. You cannot change the design it is all fixed/ Not many places left, the empty lot beside this room already being booked.

below is sigle room standard as can buy to single room and combine like one example shown below..the price is about the same as double room..

This water village..the most expensive apartment is RM40, eye level and have good view..

eye level apartment is RM40, the cheapest I think is ground floor which is 7k i think..

next is the fully renoated double storey..depend on the extensiveness of the renovation, basic would about RM80k..

the last one is the air-conditional condominium..i think about RM40 as well for the most expensive one, eye level..forgot to take the pic inside..air cond will be on as per working day..

still cannot decide which banglow or condo to buy...susah la..too many choices also susah..

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