Monday, March 02, 2009

Wisma Perak KLCC

It is next to UOA building, quite a new builidng, IPerintis office is there, I think they occupied a few floors, first day when I was there, I was told to go up to 18th floor where the main receiption. Then ask to go down to 14th floor where the SAP team are.

Merely one week there, then this morning, experience the worst ever in this 5 star building, where you got the door automatically open when you step into the main entrance of the building. Got a nice water feature in-front of the building, but a waste that the grass planted is a cheap grass, the one you see in the public garden, I would expect the grass, I think so call Taiwan grass, the one like you see in most of the Singapore HDB.

I arrived at about 730am, normally this time there is still no air con, then 830am, then 900am, still no air con. Finally about 10am, the power off, light was off. There was some noise said that the building was undergo some maintenance work, so not only 14th floor was out of power, the whole builiding basically. What on earth they do the maintenance on Monday. I think almost 4pm, the aircon come back. Most of the people left office 5pm, it is a bad day, I also got headache. Before lunch still can keep the tie, after lunch, no way, almost cannot breath.

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