Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cannot start my PC

When power it will go to a  screen for the selection of safe mode, ...Normal mode, select safe mode, there will be error message coming out something like ..multi disk..rdisk..partition, window..driver..


it look like this guy having similar problem with OZZU..

it seem like some driver is corrupted, most likely the dlink, because last couple of day my dlink
did not work well, i have unplug it and direct connect to the modem..the solution here is to uninstalled the driver, then re-install it from the cd, but the issue here is i can't even load the window...?/??

How is load the window now??

There is somethink talking on recovery console, can read from here..but it is mentioned as advance step..bloody hell, after read, i don't know what is that...!!

A good write up on recovery here..

..... Windows Recovery Console is designed to help you recover when your Windows-based computer does not start properly or does not start at all.

When you use the Windows Recovery Console, you can obtain limited access to NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 volumes without starting the Windows graphical interface. In the Windows Recovery Console you can: 

Use, copy, rename or replace operating system files and folders, Enable or disable services or devices from starting when you next start your computer, Repair the file system boot sector or the Master Boot Record (MBR), Create and format partitions on drives. 

Note that only an administrator can obtain access to the Windows Recovery Console so that unauthorized users cannot use any NTFS volume.....

Found another similar problem reported in nocrash..they suggest some registry is missing and need to recover the registry , read here..

My Testing
Running the recovery console
1. insert the xp installation cd
2. boot from cd, let it run
3. at one point enter R (Repair)
4. enter the adminstrator password
5. then come to C:\windows or D:\window (for my case)
6. run chkdsk -r 

wah work now, at least can go into safe mode..reboot now and remove the booting from cd rom ..and restart as normal...

it work.. now..

updated 20090525
second time happen when pc suddenly power off, meaning no proper power off, either manually of power supply cut off by suddent. But this time, I can open in safe mode and manage to restore back to the last restoreable check point, then everything back to normal.

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