Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Useed to call GH , apparently now called HKL. I think all these because of so called UH (University Hospital) change to UMMC (University Malaya Medical Center)..the name sound commercial..Long time never go there..last time went there when I want to seek second opinion on my stomach issues, there being an out patient, basically have the nightmare of waiting then another nightmare for the doc..pressing my stomach so hard like punching in my stomach..

went back there today father need to do a x-ray, that day should have done at the BP Blood Testing Lab..the parking is a nightmare..or i should said is a chaos..the road inside the hospital itself is a chaos, I wonder how they managet he emergency..there are 2 types of parking lot, for stuff only and visitor..not really a consolidated multi-level parking, it is like the spot parking a parking area in west..for about 50 cars or less..then another spot for about 30 ..the rest is like parking at road side..saw one cambry parking just beside the barried..saw one personnel manage to adjust the barrier..light one..that kind plastics chain..and he manage to park there..what is the rules then??

i did not expect the x-ray to be done in so fast..we arrive at about 940am, by the time about 1020am we are done..pretty fast..

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