Friday, June 19, 2009


Not sure how true is this...need to further investigate..

I spent 6 months in Saudi. Its actually not that bad and depends largely on where you stay. Its a good experience for 6-12 months and a good way to make money but not worth it for long periods.

If you stay in Khobar, its less restricted than an area like Jubayl for example and women in Khobar often walk around unveiled.

I spent time in Jubayl where you live in compounds which are pretty self sustained. I.e. gyms, swimming pools, canteens etc.

Money is a bit strange as it depends on where you come from. For example, Indians and Pakstani's workers will often only get paid $200/month whilst europeans, south africans, australians and americans are the highest on the pay chain commanding salaries of US$1000/day upwards. The lower level workers will also only 1 month off every two years, no weekends off etc, whilst westerners work a 5 day or 6 day week depending on your contract arrangements. Racist? Very! They even have a pecking order at the airport if you fly directly into Saudi (as opposed to going in via Bahrain over the bridge) so they'll help saudi's first, then westerners, then indians etc

From a danger perspective, they have had minimal murders from extremists over the last 15 years. The Saudi government does a good job of protecting westerners because they know they can't afford to lose them and the overall chances of dying are lower than most high risk cities in the US for example. The biggest danger you are likely to encounter is driving on their roads. The road safety system is a shambles with drivers overtaking in emergency lanes, driving at speeds in excess of 180km's/h and having to contend with people changing 3 lanes of traffic to do a u-turn at the traffic light without really is that bad. Saudi has the highest accident rate in the world.

Other than that, good experience, hot, dry but liveable for quick money.

source: sapfan

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