Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Change IC

Almost one year move to Alam Damai, IC still have the old address, so thought of now have time going to change the address in the IC, expect to get the IC within the same day, as we can gett he passport at the same day..the nearest JPN office here is Tun Razak, but remember they have move from the old office near the government clinic..hence need to googling..

Found this address, call the office, a couple of time, no one pick up the call..because wanted to find out what I need to bring for the address changes and what is the process..

try the main line

no bad, after a fewring someone pick up the call, and very friendly as well..hence what I need to bring is just my old IC..that's it..

about 3 pm now, they closed at 5 pm, hence still can make it..

forgot to goole the map..but need to use my instinct..remember called last time, it is near the LRT train station..the color full building..manage to find it..

as usual, cannot find the parking..hence need to part at the builidng partking..RM3 per day..go up to the office, new, not bad, not many people..as usual, normally need to get the nmber, hence try to get the number, look at the sign at the number, there is nothing to do with change IC..there are 3 options..A : IC Application , B: Warga Emas..C: Dead or Marriage I think cannot remember..hence the nearest is A..got the number, need to wait for about 20 people..there is no one there to ask, hence, I guess I am correct..then since still have some time, walk around and look see, go to the notice board, saw the various form needed for the application, saw the form for changing address for IC, ask a young handsome security guard sitting near the door..very helpful, help me to ask the officer at counter number 3 to get the form..ask him do I need my TNB bill, he said need to make a copy..then I told him I called and they said I only need my old IC..he insist that I need to make a copy..I try my luck to ignore him..

finally my turn..at about 420pm..they close all the application except for Serahan..o ya, the option C is for serahan..submit the form and my old IC, then they ask for the RM10 fees, ask about the serahan..it need 3 weeks, as of they are not main office and don't have the machine, hence need 3 weeks..where to collect, by default they put me at their office as well, then I found out that they not open on weekend, only at Maju Junction open at weekend from 9 to 2pm, meaning Sunday also open, not bad, ask them to change the serahan at Maju Junction, will go there to collect Sunday..no jam..

at guess what, I don't need to make the copy of the TNB bill, lucky did not follow what the security guard instruction..

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