Monday, March 22, 2010

Fish Pond Green Water

try to research on how to solve the green water issue of the fish pond..

found this in Koi claim there are certain of backteria..which can provide some chemical to eat up all the green stuff..this is called..bacteria which produces a certainphytoplankton-killing enzyme

condition to growth the bacteria as below

1. pond water turn over rate per one hour..

question: how to calculate this??

2. sufficeint biamedia..

question: what is biomedia..

3. algae on pond wall

question: how to get the growth on pond wall.

also need to monitor the ph and nitrate level..proposed reading are ph -7.4-7.8 and below 5-ppm..

question: how to measure ph and nitrate?

ph can be influent (increase ph) by adding baking soda..need to find out what exactly is baking soda?

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