Saturday, April 24, 2010

High Income

Even Obama also ask our PM on the NEM, I wonder he did ask why there is a quota system?

I have been driving in US for 6 months. I never encounter problem, when I put my signal wanted to cross to another lane in US or make a turn.

Now back in KL, driving here make me think of how I enjoy my driving in US.

Cutting queue, no signnal turning or crossing lane etc are normal here.

I always encounter this strange behavior, when I try to cross from slow lane to fast lane,

putting signal to cross when there is a gap available for me,

then you can see that the car bahind will suddenly accerelate, and try to prevent

you from crossing. Interesting mentallity of trying preventing someone to be

ahead from them.

I wonder why NEM use dollar sign as a measure for developed country.

Why not some other high value culture / adat resam as measure.

How about

World class road driving culture

world class food culture

world class health system


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