Friday, March 30, 2012

Accident Claim Process by Honda

Spoken to Honda Wigro Cheras, Stanley, 03-9131 8811, document needed by Honda as below..
1. Copy of Police report
2. Copy of Policy
3. Copy of IC and Driving License both side
4. Car registration card, both side

Thing can be claim
1. Damage of the car
2. Daily allowance RM50
3. Police report purchase

1. There is an access fees, of 10%, depend on the insurance company or basically your policy, meaning you need to pay from your pocket let said out of RM2000 repair, you need to pay RM 200.

1st week - submission
2nd week - approval and repair
3rd week -   repair

Call another Honda to check, if there is any inconstancy..called Peringgit..03-7980 0000..need to speak to Linda ..they did not support Allianze, ask to go to Roda BB Motor also in Old Klang Road..

Call Roda BB, 03-7983 3230, Franches...

1. Police report true copy
2. Copy of Insurance
3. Copy of Car card
4. Copy IC and license

1. Keputusan Case
2. Gambar Rajah
3. 3rd Party police report
4. Police photo

1. Claim for compensation
2. Can actual rent the car..Hertz, Mayflower,

Segambut, 03-6253 2066, 6253 3068, speak to Mr Alex, Ms Lim

1. the part is coming from Thailand
2. Light - 800m Bumper - 1000, Mudgad - 500
3. over 3000, need to do survey

called both BB and Wigro, they all send the car to BB Roda at Segambut for the repair as well, hence it seem that BB Roda at Segambut is the central repair center for Honda car with accident

Sat until 1pm, near Segambut Tan Chong,

Was there and Andrew inspected my car and give me th quote, about 3K for cash..bcos of the 15% discount..

Sat, 20120331, night Sarjan chase to close the case, and manage to get Steve to finalized, and the conclusion is claim insurance

Call Andrew today, 20120402, to confirm claim the insurance, see what else needed to be done, when i was there, they will submit the insurance application and mean while i need to get the below documentation from Sarjan

1. 3rd party police
2. keputusan case
3. rajah kasar
4. police photo printout

called sarjan yesterday, he said the other party not yet collect the ticket, will only collect on Wednesday, hence i can only collect on Thursday

call Kajang police...they said the report is not ready ..ask me to go next week Tuesday...let me call Sarjan..n

my police report no : TRAFIK KAJANG/005167/12

call Kajan Police Station: 03-8736 2222

call Roda BB to confirm document needed  6253 2066/3068/ 6257 1450

1. 3rd party police
2. keputusan case
3. rajah kasar
4. police photo printout

Sarjan called yesterday, he cannot prepare the report yet as of the other party have not collected the ticket yet..he will be on call Sat..

this is something i found out recently, Sarjan normally work 24 hours for few days then take like a dr..

bumper and head-light not there yet
call honda hotline to ask for date  1800 88 2020

order no:  2012 0409 0010

report ID: HCL 000 4462
Kajang Police station tel:

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