Thursday, March 15, 2012

unofficial recipe

called James from Kenwood, ask me to go to Alamanda Putrajaya said got show there, they will show me how to make the perfect bread, but went there at about 8pm, found the promotion counter, but the girl said got nothing to show and too late cannot make the bread also and ask how to make the bread softer, got no answer..either know nothing or don't want to share, i think would be know nothing...finally after some talk she hand written a recipe to me..but still not sure work or not need to test it out..see the recipe below

White bread (1 kg)
- 320 ml water
- 1 tsp salt
- 500 g flour
-50g butter
-2 tbsp sugar
- 11 g yeast

this is the quality of Kenwood recipt, hand write after some force, did not show any professionalism at all..not as I expect out of the Kenwood bread i have been perveive so far...

the gal name is Ain and mobile is 017-3540 805

there is another Chinese guy try to help by calling his mum, and claim need to put a special oil to make the crust softer..ask what is the name of the idea, need to ask the bakery specialty shop they will know..

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