Sunday, October 21, 2012

Puppy Development

At what age the puppy will stop breast feeding from the mother and start eating dog biscuit?

Here, said the puppy will weaned during the period of 3-7 weeks, not very clear when exactly they will start looking for other food besides mother milk?

Here, mentioned after one month it will start to find some food to eat, because some teeth have growned. see below summary of the milestone per month.

1 Month - puppy begins to wean and the teeth start to appear.

1 to 2 Months - your typical puppy begins cheering and playing with small items.

3 Months - your puppy enjoys chasing things in responding to his or her name.

4 Months - puppy begins to respond to simple commands and will heed when beckoned.

5 Months - Vaccinations and training regime to begin (Near adult height and weight for smaller breeds up to 25lbs)

6 Months- your puppy should fetch and understand simple commands and will be reaching sexual maturity for some small dogs.

7 Months - permanent teeth are cutting through which is a good time to schedule dental checkups with your veterinarian (near adult height and weight for medium breeds up to 55lbs)

9 Months - puppy training should be completed.

12 months - your dog will now be reaching adult height and weight for larger breeds over 55lbs.

18 months - your dog has now reached sexual maturity and the majority of large breeds over 50lbs - all dogs at 18 months will be approaching social maturity.

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