Monday, October 29, 2012

Where to get Sims 3

the computer shop recoement frost Wire..

from youtube got some as well..

this guys give a good step to do it below

How to download,install and play sims 3 for FREE! step by step
1.Go to google and type in Bittorent, click the first link and then go free download, then install Bittorent.
2.Go to Link1, then click download this torrent.
3.Open up Bittorent and add the sims 3 torrent you just downloaded, this download will take a while.
4.After the download has finished go to Link2, then click download latest version, then install it.
5.Open up Daemon tools, right click on icon go virtual devices, add device, mount image, search for your torrent u downloaded with Bittorent then click it. Autorun and install sims 3, use the key i gave you,then after that search for crack in your computer and open that file then copy the TS3, then go to your program files folder then search for electronic arts then go to your game bin then paste and replace it. Enjoy..

1. after downloaded the files
2. Open up Power ISO - create a Drive then need to restart the PC
3. after restart, open up Power ISO, mount the Sims 3 CD (golden color CD sign) to the Drive 1 created, it look like CD drive in the Computer
4. All the ISO file will be extracted to the E drive
5. Run the Setup file to instal Sims 3
6.copy the Crack file into the Games Bin folder, try to look for Program Files, Electronic folder, games, sims 3 folder

currently have error replacing the dll file, need to find out why

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