Friday, June 28, 2013

Solar Panel Processing

1. I need your property floor plan with roof top design, then only I can define the size of the rooftop.
2. i will define the size to the panel size - that defines the actual **kWp system x RM11.5 k per 1kWp
3. once this is confirm, I can help you secure financing while applying with SEDA for FIT Application
4. When both the bank and FiT approval, within a month the product the will be in Malaysia for installation
5. Then we need allow TNB 2-4 weeks for commissionig
6. Finally you wait your money

You will gain RM424k for the entire 21 years, with an investment of 120k
No wrong, base on regulation.. the allowance is reduced. e.g. in 2012 there pay 1.25 cents per watt, today there pay only 1.05 per watt.

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