Friday, June 04, 2010

Busy PM

Since the Hulu Selangor wonder, it seem now everyone want meet and invite PM to visit them and channel the concern directly to the boss..where is all the Ministers..are they all sleeping and now only CEO is working..all manager just sit back and relax..

I wonder why the PM is so free to do all these walkabout any matter is Housing Issues (who now..MP from Alor Star), Security issues (Hisham issues?), School issues (Education Minister?)..

So if PM can go down to the floor and sort out the issues for other Minister, why they cannot take a proactive approach to solve the issues before it go to the dog..

I wonder why the Minister have time to carried these opening ceremonies for this company and that organisation, but don't have time to "turun padang" to look at the root of the issues - a very fundamental day to day issues - security, safety, cleaniness.

May be ex-Penang Minister should set the KPI for them to at least visit one kampung or taman or some park per month and solved the bare problem once for the time of the next election, they could have been doing a good job solving all the problem. This is what directly impact the rakyat and do good for rakyat, not go some where play golf, opening ceremonies etc.

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