Monday, June 14, 2010

Selayang rep reports assault

the staronline reported that selayang councilor also got beated up..recently the Johor some datuk house got rob and the daugther finally cannot recover from the bullet in her head..highprofile people also got it nowaday, cannot imagine the layman like you and me..when is our turn?

strange thing from the selayang below..from here..

"Lim said that although two policemen arrived at the scene and tried to shield him from the group, the men continued to assault him. He said he was later rescued by some people from a restaurant nearby, prompting the men to even threaten to burn the place down."

How come this time policemen did not use the gun? How come the policemen also cannot save the councilor, and need someone from the nearly restuarant to rescue him?

I really want to see the police report how this is writtern? Is the policemen really cannot do anything or don't want to do anything?

Imagine this is councilor, what happen if it is just a streetmen like you and me..I thought the policemen suppose to make thing in order.

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