Sunday, June 20, 2010

Follow the Leader

thestaronline today, 20100616, PM tell his man to resolve the issues. I thought PM is preaching "people first" then " performance" but his man/minister, seem to be on deaf ear - Me first or BN first then people.

PM already shown a exmaple by walking among people and listen to people, so many street walking PM has done, SS2, China town etc..but look at the minister, who is following his foot step.

I remember last time when my company change the top man, first thing we have is the company " traninng", of course it was not tilte "company training", it was title with some technical training, but the top gun was preaching, end up, it is more a "brain washing" session rather then technical training.

Hence, may be our PM should also conducting the similar training, brain wash his team and provide the direction and work culture the new line up should perform. If not follow, next round of resuffle, gone.

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