Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Buy car

wanted to replace my 7 years old waja, which is still kicking actually, except when it is on the bumpy road, the parts seem to be fall apart..tested drive few model below


the car look is mpv, so tested drive with all the family member in total 3 adults and 3 kids in the car..first impression, the design like waja, the signal is on the left instead of conventional on the right..not new as of i drive a waja is abit under power..and the steering to the driver a bit strange, i cannot adjust myself to the best position of me and the steering..this is mpv, hence cannot really see the when parking, need to be extra careful...the drive is comfortable, no hope to pick up and climb the hill..there are plenty of room excep the last roll, for kids is ok..price is 69k for low end and 70k plus for high end, meaning leather seat, lcd etc..they wanted to take my waja for 22k.. try to get awat from proton after the wira and waja now..

paultan review of exora is not bad, except for under power..

picture from proton..very lousy information, i think paultan got more infor than them..


when it was lauch don like it, bcos the grill infront look ugly and the tail also funny, not long enough..don know why they advestise in blue color..but when at the test, it is black color, not bad, the grill don look so obvious now..but when sit inside it look good..overall test drive is positive..the look and feel is modern inside..the drive is ok, quite powerful for 1.5cc with ivtec engine..don have leather seat..but they claim the seat fabci is water proof..but within 5 bullshit la..price is about 82k for basic and plus another 5k get some funny stuff, like shift paddle, like the formula one, the auto become manual and can control the gear shift from steering wheel..fog light...all nice to have stuff...what else..lucky the usb is basic model is sufficient actually, because i am not the paddle shift guy..the fog light, even for my waja i use less then 100 times after 7 years..normally use it when there is really heavy rain on the highway..just want extra light..overall is good impression..but i am not the city guy, feel that the car is for young guy ..i am looking for a bit mature car..something like perdana..altis..camry too big and too luxury..of course too pricy as well.. apparently city is very popular, need to wait for 3 months delivery..

paultan city review..similar to me the rear design is funny..but inside is good..

picture from honda..not sure why they try to sell blue color..which is the most ugly among and grey color is good..


not yet on the road, just sit inside, feel the car is very plain..cannot imagine why toyota come out with this plaint model..the radio button look plastics..very plastics..lousy..on the road..the steering is very light, feel like nothing, don like this, as of compare my waja with my ria, when ria is on the road, the steering is very light as well, not so good, the car floating, and not stable with a bit move of steering wheel, so very thing good is the sound proof..we did not notice it until this guy larry told us, we hardly can hear anything when the motorbike pass by to notice this when test drive city..and now try to take of this with my waja..crapy...waja..the price about the same..82k for a basicaly model, and got low end model about 75k..with lousy sound system and highend 89k as well with better sound system, with spoiler etc, nice to have, delivery 1 months will do..they take my waja for 22k as well so sad..vios is out..too plaiin..don like the rear light as well, not balance, the previous model is even more balance..

paultan review of vios..nothing fancy..more talk about so..nothing to wow about..

so as of now, city stand out from all of them..but i don want to drive a city..shits..need to look around some more..wanted the civic actually, but heard that the model is old, new model coming out soon..and price also not alternative to it is altis then about 106k..may be need to test drive altis now..stupid toyota again, altis don come with leather seats..

paultan review of altis is crapy..flimy plastic..


thought is this car as well, but after seeing some photos from paultan, out ...!!

new civic 2009 facelift might look like this..from paultan..

updated 20090512 saw the topgear magazine, the new facelift civic launched..can see more in the civic dedicted website, call passionforlife..apparently more much facelifted..

front light look bolder..


updated 20090525 - got some email picture from Ros..see the new civic..not sure how true is this..look like is following the toyota design model, where they adopt from the lower end model to the higher end model as what toyota did from yaris, to vios, altis and honda did it from city, civic,then accord..personally don't like it..

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sao said...

proton = fail
honda = no second hand value, spare part exp.
toyota = got value, spare part cheap

honda city, quite ok if u fit in some shirt and change the sport rim.but no second hand value and spare part exp.

civic, good and stable, spart part exp, ok second hand value, cause alot of youngster love it, good to modify.

vios, not stable, change the big sport rim also..wont have much effect.

altis, engine and so totaly same as previous model. good second hand value and spare part cheap.

wish, new model come out adi, but it ugly, but good for family, have good second hand value and spare part also cheap.

camry, nice but drop realy very fast, spare part exp, no second hand value.

1 series, nice, maintain exp.euro car drop fast.

audi and VW, nice and stable and power especially golf GTI, euro car drop fast and maintain high